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Family Fortunes: Viewers divided as some brand cartoon question ‘unfair’

Host Gino D'Acampo didn't understand why they struggled with it

Family Fortunes viewers were frustrated last night as they claimed the contestants missed out on winning £10k because of an ‘unfair’ question.

During Sunday (November 1) evening’s episode, the Russell family got through to the end with a chance to win a huge prize pot.

On Family Fortunes, the Russell family struggled with one question at the end (Credit: ITV)

What happened with the cartoon animal question on Family Fortunes?

But they hit a stumbling block when both members of the family who played appeared to misinterpret one of the questions.

The question was to name “a cartoon animal”.

Family Fortunes contestant Sarah was asked to name a cartoon animal (Credit: ITV)

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Michael said “lion” and Sarah, playing second, went with “cat”.

In reality, the question was looking for cartoon characters who happen to be animals, such as Micky Mouse or Bugs Bunny.

But both Sarah and Michael seemed to think it was asking for animals that commonly appear in cartoons.

Some Family Fortunes viewers felt the show should have worded the question differently (Credit: ITV)

What did ITV viewers say?

Viewers at home branded the question and the way it was worded a ‘shambles’.

One said: “They should have said ‘name an animal cartoon character’ or something #FamilyFortunes.”

Another wrote: “#FamilyFortunes #itv Family Fortunes tonight had a misleading question on the final round. Name a cartoon animal? Answer was Bugs Bunny, this is a character. I think the family was cheated out of a chance of winning. Should have been ‘name a cartoon animal character’.”

This family totally missed out on £10k because of that.

A third tweeted: “#FamilyFortunes Shamble questioning. Should have been ‘name a famous cartoon character’, not ‘animal’! Cheated out the family.”

A fourth put: “This family totally missed out on £10k because of that [bleep] cartoon animal question #FamilyFortunes.”

“That cartoon animal question was totally unfair and badly worded,” said a fifth, tagging Gino on Twitter.

ED! contacted the show for comment.

Some viewers claim ‘it’s not hard’

However, some viewers felt it was an easy question to understand.

“How hard is it to name a cartoon animal?!” demanded one. “Scooby Doo, Mickey Mouse etc etc. It’s not hard!”

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“Does the Russell family not know any cartoon animals in films? wondered another.

“Why is cartoon animal so hard? #FamilyFortunes,” someone else asked.

Despite the mix-up, the family still went home with £6780 because of their points total.

Elsewhere in the episode, Liam from the Russell family popped the question to his girlfriend, Nadine.

And Gino had them in stitches as he asked if they would name their first child after him.

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