Everyone’s fallen in love with Jennie during tonight’s I’m A Celebrity

She put some Fizz into her challenge

Jennie McAlpine would be the first to admit she hasn’t been the most imposing character in this year’s I’m A Celebrity.

But, boy, did she come into her own during the Cyclone Challenge, the legendary end-of-series task beloved of viewers, Ant and Dec, and the celebs themselves.

“This is Celebrity Cyclone, you will all begin on the turntable at the end here and when the fireball goes off the first person will get off the turntable, grab all four stars and make their way up the course to the first star marker, where you’ll put the first star,” Dec explained to Jennie, Toff, Iain and Jamie.

Ant added: “Then when they’re in place, the second person leaves the turntable, takes the three stars and has to get to that star and so on.  You have 10 minutes to get all 4 stars on the star markers.”

“So they have to be in place at the end of time” said Dec. “As I’m sure you’re aware they’ll be surprises along the way.”

The celebrities decided the order – which was Jennie first, then Iain, then Toff and finally Jamie.

They all got on the turntable and the klaxon sounded to start the Trial.  Jennie tried to run up the Cyclone path but she was hit by water, paint and balls. A ball hit her and she fell over and all the stars fell back to the start so she had to try and start all over again.

“Come on Jennie, you can do this,” said Dec as Jennie fell over again.

“I can’t do it,” said Jennie.  But she wasn’t giving up, and managed to completed the task. In the end, the team won four stars – and four meals – for camp.

And viewers were seriously impressed by Jennie’s steel…

It looks like Toff could well have some competition for the Queen of the Jungle crown…

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