Is Eva Green married?

Does Eva Green have a boyfriend and what are the Tim Burton rumours? The Luminaries star and Casino Royale Bond girl

The Lydia Wells actress has been linked to Tim Burton

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Eva Green steals the show in new BBC drama The Luminaries.

Taking on the role of scheming fortune-teller Lydia Wells, the 39-year-old French actress has been wowing fans.

But what do we know about the woman behind the character?

For example, is Eva Green married and is she really dating Tim Burton?

Here’s everything you need to know…

Eva Green Tim Burton (Credit: Splash News)
Eva Green stars in new BBC drama The Luminaries (Credit: Splash News)

Does Eva Green have a boyfriend?

Eva Green is not married and is thought to currently be single.

The Casino Royale star is incredibly tight lipped about her private life.

Although she hasn’t confirmed who she is in a relationship with – or if she’s dating at all , Eva has revealed her dream man.

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It turns out, she has a huge crush on Hollywood actor Jack Nicholson.

She told W: “I adore Jack Nicholson. I was absolutely obsessed by The Shining.

“It’s because of him I wanted to become an actress – Jack Nicholson in The Shining. I love Jack Nicholson when he goes bonkers.”

Eva Green Tim Burton (Credit: Splash News)
Eva Green and Tim Burton are good friends (Credit: Splash News)

What are the Tim Burton rumours?

For the past few years, Eva Green has been romantically linked to Tim Burton.

The pair grew close after he cast her in the lead role of his 2016 movie Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.

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Speaking to W magazine, she admitted she has always “admired” the iconic director – but on a professional basis.

Eva explained: “It’s always been my dream, my absolute dream to work with him.

Eva Green Tim Burton (Credit: Splash News)
Eva has always admired the director (Credit: Splash News)

“On Miss Peregrine, he called me and he was like I’ve got this project and you might like it your might not like it – but I could play a mop for Tim Burton.

“I would play anything!”

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However, neither have confirmed a romance.

During an interview with Town & Country however, she stated that she was “obsessed” with his ex-wife Helena Bonham Carter.

The pair both worked on Burton’s 2012 movie Dark Shadows.

What is The Luminaries about
Eva plays Lydia Well in The Luminaries (Credit: Splash News)

Is Eva Green a twin?

Eva has a non identical twin sister called Joy.

“We became close with age – we were too different as children,” she told the magazine.

“Now we really get on; we are still very different, but we kind of complete each other.”

The sisters are both naturally blond haired, however, Eva started dying her locks black while she was still at school as an act of rebellion.

“I spent five hours at the hairdresser,” she added. “It’s who I am, I feel more ‘me’.’”

While Eva lives in London, Joy resides in Italy where she runs a wine-making business with her husband, who is an Italian count, near Pisa.

The couple have two children.

What is The Luminaries about
The French star impersonates an American accent in the BBC drama (Credit: Splash News)

What else has Eva Green starred in?

Before lockdown, Eva had just finished working on the movie A Patriot.

She stars in the film alongside Helen Hunt and Charles Dance.

Producers are yet to confirm a release date for the blockbuster.

Eva also starred in Burton’s 2019 movie Dumbo, playing Colette Marchant.

In 2006, she was the Bond girl Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale with Daniel Craig.

But most Brits will recognise her as Vanessa Ives in the TV series Penny Dreadful.

What has Eva Green said about The Luminaries?

Eva impersonates an American accent as she takes on the roles of Lydia.

The French actress is hoping viewers find her US accent credible.

“I worked on it for about a month before we started shooting,” she told the BBC.

“That really helps me, I like to find a different voice for every character and I think the American really helped me to find naughty Lydia.”

Eva fell in love with the drama and its character after her agent sent her the script.

She added: “It was very well written and I was excited to explore the 1860s New Zealand gold rush on screen, as I don’t think it’s something we’ve seen before.”

  • The Luminaries continues on BBC One, Monday (June 22) at 9pm. The third episode will be shown at the same time on Sunday (June 28).

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