Jurgen Klinsmann euro 2020

Euro 2020 pundit Jurgen Klinsmann: Will he manage Tottenham? Who does his son play for?

His son's a famous footballer too!

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Euro 2020 pundit Jurgen Klinsmann is a renowned former footballer.

Originally from Germany, he has played for multiple prestigious European football teams.

Now a pundit and manager, he’s serving as one of the BBC pundits for Euro 2020.

So how old is he? And what has he said about Tottenham Hotspur recently?

We take a look at Jurgen’s career and personal life below…

Jurgen Klinsmann euro 2020
Jurgen Klinsmann is a world-renowned former soccer player (Credit: SplashNews)

How old is Euro 2020 pundit Jurgen Klinsmann?

Jurgen Klinsmann is 56. He was born on July 30, 1964.

Jurgen played for Tottenham Hotspur from 1994-1995.

Fans were initially annoyed at his signing as they were put off by his reputation for being a diver.

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However, when he scored a winning header in his debut match, he celebrated by diving to the ground.

His humour won over his fans and he soon became one of the team’s most beloved players ever.

He returned to play for them in the 1997-8 season and his goals helped save the team from relegation.

Jurgen Klinsmann euro 2020
These days Jurgen regularly serves as a sports pundit (Credit: YouTube)

Who else has Euro 2020 pundit Jurgen played for?

Jurgen began his professional career back in 1982 as a player for German team the Stuttgarter Kickers.

He then joined rival team VfB Stuttgart and, in 1989 signed to Inter-Milan.

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By 1992 he joined AS Monaco and then Tottenham Hotspur.

In the later years of his career he played for Sampdoria in Italy and finally moved to America, where he retired.

Although he retired from playing professionally, he has gone on to be a football manager in the US.

Jurgen Klinsmann euro 2020
Jurgen has legendary status with Tottenham Hotspur fans (Credit: SplashNews)

He also coached the German football team in the lead up to the 2006 World Cup and served as a manager for Bayern Munich from 2008-2009.

What’s more, he served as the head coach for the United States national team and led the US during the 2010 and 2014 World Cup.

The US team failed to qualify for the US Team in 2018.

Finally, in 2018, he became the new manager for Berlin-based football team Hertha BSC. However, he left after just ten weeks.

Is he going to become Tottenham Hotspur’s manager?

Rumours have swirled for a while that Jurgen is a candidate to become the new manager of Tottenham Hotspur.

After Jose Mourinho was sacked earlier this year, Tottenham fans speculated over whether Jurgen would eventually take over.

During an interview on the sports channel ESPN, the legendary Tottenham player certainly didn’t rule out the possibility.

He said: “I tell you, anything is possible in life. I never thought I would coach Germany at a World Cup.

“I never thought I would coach the USA for six years or Bayern Munich. So we’ll see in a couple of months who will be the Spurs manager.”

Euro 2020 Jurgen Klinsmann
Now his son, Jonathan Klinsmann, is a professional soccer player (Credit: YouTube)

Who is Jurgen Klinsmann’s wife?

Jurgen is married to Debbie Chin, an American and a former model.

Married in 1995, they share two children together – son Jonathan, 24, and daughter Laila, 20.

His son is a professional soccer player in America, while his daughter is a student and a talented equestrian.

Who is Jurgen’s son? Which team does he play for?

Jurgen’s son is called Jonathan Klinsmann and he is around 24.

He plays for LA Galaxy as a goalkeeper.

Born in Germany, he’s lived in America since the age of one, but returned to Germany as a teen for one year when his dad briefly served as the manager of Bayern Munich.

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