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The Chase fans rage at ‘disgraceful’ contestant who ‘doesn’t deserve a penny’

Even she admitted she hadn't wanted to do it..

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The Chase viewers were left seething this week when a contestant did the unthinkable and left her fellow teammates worse off.

On Wednesday (June 12), Deanne appeared on the ITV quiz show and felt the wrath of fans when she took the most hated route – the low offer.

The Chase Deanne
The Chase contestant Deanne swore to herself she wouldn’t take the low offer – but she did (Credit: ITV)

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Viewers of The Chase believe this is the most unforgivable act on the show – classed as ‘cowardly’ and ‘snake-like’.

Despite host Bradley Walsh and chaser Paul Sinha – aka The Sinnerman – defending Deanne’s choice, fans were quick to slam her decision on Twitter.

After her fellow contestants Janice and Adam banked £10,000, Deanne was described as “disgraceful” and “shameless” when she opted to take the low offer.

Janice Adam The Chase
Janice and Adam weren’t amused (Credit: ITV)

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Up last, she chose to compete for minus £1,000 which would leave the team with £9,000 between them, instead of £13,000 or more.

She told Bradders: “I really didn’t want to do this. I’ve said all the time I didn’t want to do this.

“But I’m here for the day and I want to join those two at the end. So, I’m going to take the minus £1,000.”

Bradley and Paul both came to the agreement she had done the right thing, believing her to be a strong candidate for the last round.

Paul said: “There’s no doubt that team will be stronger with you back and actually for the sake of £13,000 I don’t think that’s the worst decision I’ve ever seen.”

Deanne The Chase
Oh Deanne, how could you? (Credit: ITV)

But fans strongly disagreed!

One said: “Honestly, how can you go home and look at yourself in the mirror if you take the minus offer on The Chase?”

Another added: “Yeah, enjoy your teammates cash, won’t you Deanne?”

A third fumed: “Deanne didn’t deserve a penny. Nothing annoys me more than people who go low.”

“She takes money away from the pot and now wants to take her share? Disgusting and disgraceful. Has she no shame or any shred of decency?” slammed another.

Despite viewers claiming that Deanne’s “buzzer wasn’t working” as she answered no questions, the threesome eventually beat Paul Sinha in the final chase.

This meant that they all won £3,000 each, although Deanne was called a “passenger” and “mugger” by those watching from home.

One spoke for many when he tweeted: “Deanne takes £1000 out the pot and goes home with £3000 out of the others winnings.

“Hope she stands barefooted on a plug.”


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