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Wednesday 13th November 2019

Delighted viewers in tears over Comic Relief's Four Weddings reunion special

It featured a LOT of familiar faces

Every year Comic Relief gives us famous faces and nostalgia, and this year featured both, with a very special reunion of Four Weddings and a Funeral.

The whole thing had viewers in tears, praising it as "brilliant" and: "Everything that a Comic Relief sketch should be."

Viewers were delighted with the trip down comedy memory lane (Credit: BBC)

The update saw the return of many of the stars of the original 1994 love story, including Hugh Grant, Andie MacDowell, and Kristin Scott Thomas - with special appearances from film stars Lily James and Alicia Vikander.

I'd totally marry the heck out of Lily James too TBF.

The new story saw Lily and Alicia's characters marry in a church, with the original cast all watching on.

The sketch, called One Red Nose Day & a Wedding, saw Hugh and Kristen's characters, Charles and Fiona - parents of the brides - watching on proudly.

Him and Carrie are still together - and still not married (Credit: BBC)

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And just like his original character in the film, Rowan Atkinson was back as the bumbling vicar marrying the two women.

He struggled with his pronouns, saying: "We've come to witness the marriage of this man...'s daughter to this woman...'s daughter," he said awkwardly. "The gift of marriage brings... wife and wife together."

The moving script saw Miranda tell Alicia: "I have known you since we were babies... my father knew your mother... I always knew I liked you. But one day you held my hand and one day you kissed me and my life changed."

The bride and bride shared sweet words (Credit: BBC)

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Alicia replied: "The first time I saw you we were in nappies. We spent 10 years in the same school uniform. And one day I held your hand and something changed. The next day I kissed you, and everything changed. I thank God we're not related!"

Viewers were in absolute raptures over the 14 minute update. One wrote: "One Red Nose Day & a Wedding was everything that a #ComicRelief sketch should be: heartwarming & nostalgically funny. Richard Curtis sure knows how to write wedding receptions—even in a short time slot! Please support @comicrelief #RedNoseDay2019."

Rowan's bumbling priest made fans laugh (Credit: BBC)

Another gushed: "Most of the original cast and a brilliant modern version of the theme. Rowan Atkinson as great as ever."

A third said: "@comicrelief One Red Nose Day and a Wedding 👰👰🏽 was brilliant, Rowan Atkinson hilarious 😂 #comicrelief2019 #onerednosedayandawedding." A fourth declared: "Four weddings was the highlight of the night. Well done to everyone involved at Comic Relief and hope the money raised helps those it is intended for."

Many more loved the LGBTQ+ element, with one emotional comment reading: "Lily James and Alicia Vikander playing lesbians in Four Weddings and a Funeral Comic Relief special is what we deserve, am absolutely crying."

Kristin Scott Thomas also returned as Fiona (Credit: BBC)

A second said: "Aw I’m pleased it was an LGBT wedding!! I’d totally marry the heck out of Lily James too TBF #comicrelief #onerednosedayandawedding." A third added: "Watching Lily James and Alicia Vikander declare their love to each other has ignited parts of me that I can’t even begin to explain."


Some even begged for more, with one fan tweeting: "I'm gonna need a full-length feature based on that Four Weddings and a Funeral Comic Relief bit that culminates in the Alicia + Lily wedding at the end. I ship it for eternity. Thank you for your time."

Viewers were in tears over the short film (Credit: BBC)

So far, this year's Comic Relief - which included a shocking Celebrity Apprentice and a brutal climb up Mount Kilimanjaro - has raised £63million.

What a joy to see all those old faces. You can still donate here if you like.

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