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Emmerdale’s Nell to KILL one villager?

Actress reveals there's major drama ahead

As Nell’s web of lies was unravelled on last night’s Emmerdale, we felt a shiver go down our spine. She lied about her child dying, lied about being a reformed drug addict and lied about being pregnant with Jai’s baby.

But when she was seen spying on Moira Dingle from a distance, we couldn’t help thinking we have a full-on psychopath on our hands.

There’s already been speculation that Nell offed Holly in a bid to steal her identity – is she about to murder Holly’s mum, too?

One thing’s for certain – Nell is leaving the show next week. And the actress who plays her, Scarlett Archer, has revealed that there’s going to be some pretty shocking stuff happening before then.

Moira has been spied on, but is her life in danger? (Credit: ITV)

“We find out why she’s done all this, and the audience are going to be shocked,” she told The Mirror. “There are a couple more big twists to come before she leaves next week.

“It’s very dark – she’s completely crazy and seriously troubled. People had better watch out!

“Nell’s a fantasist, a deeply troubled person. I wouldn’t say she’s evil but she’s got serious mental-health issues and has done some very bad things.”

Scarlett stopped short of revealing what’s going to happen – she’s been sworn to secrecy – but she admitted that she’s been dying to let the cat out of the bag.

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“It’s been very difficult to keep it a secret, but I really hope that people have enjoyed the twist!” she told the Metro.

“I didn’t even tell my friends and family – they’ve been enjoying the story, so I wanted to see their reaction to it.”

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Jai rumbled Nell in last night’s episode (Credit: ITV)

It’s fair to say that most viewers have been completely gripped by the Nell storyline, and many have taken to Twitter to express their fears for Holly’s mum.

One tweeted: “Why is Nell creeping on Moira??? Is she going to harm her? Such a good twist – never saw it coming.”

Another wrote: “OMG, what is Nell gonna do to Moira?”  

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And referring to tonight’s episode, a third fan said: “Honestly, I’m just counting down the hours till 7pm. I need to know what happens with Nell and Moira.”

Whether Moira dies or not, it sounds like it’s going to be a killer storyline.

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