Emmerdale’s huge week ends with a whodunnit

But is one of Emma's sons really to blame?

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Emmerdale fans were in bits when killer Emma finally met her maker, but they’re convinced that the scheming nurse didn’t take her own life, but was actually pushed – the question is, by who?

Fans began speculating that Emma was pushed after seeing her fall backwards off the viaduct, when she’d been preparing to jump facing forwards, suggesting someone had shoved her.

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At first fans suspected Moira, and then Cain, both who had reason to want Emma dead. And both were unaccounted for at the time Emma died.

Even teen Gabby Thomas came under suspicion after she disappeared from the pub for a while – apparently looking for a phone charger.

Gabs, who was feuding with Emma over her treatment of her little brother Arthur, knew that Emma had killed James.

She went off in search of a charger, but was then pulled up by her mum, Bernice, for taking a long time. Bernice also pointed out that her daughter felt like a ‘block of ice’. Hmmmm…

But Twitter went crazy when Ross started to look more and more like the guilty party, during a conversation with his brother, Pete.

They’d been informed their mum’s body had been found and, while Pete struggled to understand everything that had come to light about Emma killing their dad, Ross was more resolute.

Pete said: “It would’ve caught up with her in the end. Do you think that’s why she jumped?”

A shady looking Ross replied: “Maybe.”

Ross was later seen running away from the viaduct in a flashback scene, after appearing to peer over the edge.

Did Ross kill his own mother as revenge for killing his dad and brother?? Fans certainly seem to think so.

    Not everyone thinks it is as simple as that though, with others speculating that Ross fled the scene, knowing he’d look guilty as sin if he was the one who found his mum’s body.

The main theory seems to be that it was Gabby!

So. Who killed Emma Barton??

Elsewhere, villagers began to do the maths when it came to Moira’s pregnancy. Charity pointed out to Harriet that Cain could well be the father. And it was obvious that Harriet had considered this too.

Meanwhile the thought had obviously crossed Cain’s mind as he was seen staring through the window at his ex and her new baby.

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There’s already been a LOT of speculation about Pete not really being the baby’s dad.

And if Cain suspected he was the father, it would give him even more reason to have been gunning for Emma.

Oh, we just don’t know!

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