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Emmerdale viewers NOT happy with this new love match!

Fans blast the soap for another cheating storyline...

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Emmerdale fans couldn’t believe their eyes last night (Tuesday May 1) when Megan Macey cheated on her partner Frank Clayton.

And they were even more shocked that she did the dirty with Dales baddie Graham Foster!


Unlikely couple Megan and Graham bonded over their problems (Credit: ITV)

The chemistry has been building between the pair for weeks, with Graham’s feelings for Megan becoming increasingly apparent. Never mind her long-term partner Frank, eh Graham?

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Believing that Frank was cheating on her (incorrectly it turns out), Megan found solace with Graham. As the pair got chatting over a few drinks, the inevitable happened – the pair ended up kissing.

And instead of pushing him away and declaring her loyalty to Frank like she should have done, Megan gave in to temptation and ended up in bed with Graham!

Fans were shocked when a kiss became much more… (Credit: ITV)

Even worse, soap viewers then discovered that Frank had not been cheating at all. In fact, he’d been shopping for an engagement ring as he planned to propose!

And he chose his moment just when Graham was upstairs in Megan’s bed!

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While some fans thought the pairing was a good match, many more were furious with Megan for being a “hypocrite” and some thought Frank’s the better match for her.


One blasted: “Emmerdale word for tonight- Hypocrite! Megan, read up on the word, everything you’ve just spouted to Frank YOUVE just done! I hope you lose both men, you don’t deserve either of them and now Graham’s spoilt for me. Thanks @emmerdale!”

Another accused the pair of having “zero chemistry”, and one even said the union was “awful”.

Others were angry with the soap for writing in another cheating storyline.

Only time will tell if Frank will discover Megan’s betrayal… And whether Megan and Graham will be tempted again.

We know someone discovers the truth about Megan’s infidelity… But who finds out and who’s side will they be on?

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