Emmerdale viewers “heartbroken” as Charity’s secret son story kicks off

And this is only the beginning!

Emmerdale fans were heartbroken over the revelation in last night’s episode that Charity Dingle has a secret son.

Earlier this week, Charity told girlfriend Vanessa that she’d been groomed and raped by evil police officer DI Bails.

In last night’s emotional ep, Vanessa went behind Charity’s back to report the crime – and was then devastated when Charity broke up with her.

Barely holding it together, poor Charity then flirted with a customer in the pub. But when he went into the back to look for her, she lost her temper and told him – in no uncertain terms – to go away.

Then she lied to Ness and told her the fella was upstairs waiting for her.

Oh what a big mess.

Charity lied to Vanessa (Credit: ITV)

But, as Charity told Vanessa earlier in the episode, that wasn’t the half of it.

As she sat in her bedroom – alone – Charity opened a box she’d had hidden on the top of her wardrobe. Inside were some keepsakes of a baby boy – a little knitted hat, a rattle, and some other reminders.

Charity has a box of keepsakes (Credit: ITV)

Heartbroken Charity took out the tiny hat and pressed it to her face as she sobbed for the son she’d lost.

Heartbreaking (Credit: ITV)

Was her baby given away? Did he die? We don’t know yet. But that emotional scene was enough to send the viewers to social media in their droves to express their heartbreak over the episode.

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Vanity was even trending on Twitter for a while after the episode!

“I really hope Charity gets help,” said one worried fan.

“It was heartbreaking,” added another.

“Oh Emmerdale, I’m a mess,” wailed another upset viewer.

Viewers were also quick to compliment Emma Atkins, who plays Charity, on her acting

“Emma Atkins is so good,” one fan said. “Emma Atkins tonight was just brilliant once again,” added another.

“So well acted,” said another.

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But some fans weren’t gripped by the latest twist in the Charity story.

“Have Emmerdale forgotten they’ve already done the secret child given up for adoption when the mother was just a kid storyline with Charity?!” one viewer said.

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