Emmerdale viewers devastated at how Brenda discovers Bob’s affair

The truth is out!

Emmerdale viewers were left devastated on Tuesday evening as one of the soap’s most popular couples appeared to split.

Brenda Walker (Lesley Dunlop) discovered Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw) had cheated on her and broke down in tears, calling it “the most humiliating betrayal”.

Bob had slept with the couple’s friend Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy) in a twist which was revealed as part of a recent flashback.

While Brenda discovered he had cheated, Bob managed to cover up who he had slept with as he sought to protect Laurel.

Fans rallied around the much-loved Brenda as they feared for the previously stable couple, who married on the show in 2013.

@KarenMilne63 tweeted: “Poor Brenda. Bob and Laurel should be ashamed of themselves. Hope another couple aren’t going to be split up.”

@MindmyGives wrote: “I’m crying over Bob and Brenda. How did this happen.”

@HeiioVera posted: “I can’t believe Emmerdale are doing this to Brenda and Bob.”

@Xloucliftonx tweeted: “Brenda is breaking my heart, she deserves better.”

Bob had claimed when he arrived back from a trip to Canada he had met up with some old work friends and slept with one of them.

:: Emmerdale returns on Wednesday at 7pm.

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