Emmerdale viewers can’t deal with change to Ross Barton’s appearance

He's back - and looking a lot different

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Ross Barton made a long-awaited return to the Dales last night, as troubled brother Pete was rushed to hospital unconscious.

The bad boy was back in the nick of time – as his drunk sibling had fallen down the stairs and knocked himself out.

But despite the high-octane drama, there was something more important preying on the minds of viewers.

Ross was looking markedly different, after shaving off his bear.

And some fans were NOT impressed with his clean-cut new look.

Back home – and smooth-shaven (Credit: ITV)

Of course, they just had to share their disgruntlement on Twitter…

Ross sprang into action when he saw him brother motionless on the floor, saying he would not be “responsible” for another “death”.

Pete came clattering downstairs after a booze binge (Credit: ITV)

As he said that, Adam burst into the house – and now he’s questioning whether Ross is the killer of his mum Emma.

The murderer’s identity will be revealed next Thursday.

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