Emmerdale star teases a twist for Cain and Moira!

Does this mean they're getting back together?

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It’s been a tough old year for Emmerdale’s Moira Dingle, what with being unmasked as Emma’s killer, and unexpectedly giving birth to little Isaac.

But perhaps there is something good around the corner.

Natalie J Robb, who plays the new mum, has teased that Moira could be reunited with her ex-husband Cain.

Natalie says Cain has always loved Moira (Credit: BBC)

“Cain and Moira aren’t together,” Natalie said on today’s episode of This Morning. “At the moment…”

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And she went on to confirm what we all know – that Cain has never loved anyone the way he loves Moira.

And now they’re parents to Isaac, surely it’s only a matter of time?

There are lots of twists and turns ahead for Moira (Credit: BBC)

“Cain has always loved her,” Natalie continued.

“But he’s with still with Harriet so while that’s happening, Moira won’t do anything.”


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But Natalie also confirmed that Moira being revealed as Emma’s killer is only the beginning of a new storyline for her alter-ego.

Cain and Moira belong together (Credit: ITV)

“There’s a lot more twists and turns to come,” she said.

Twists and turns involving Cain?

We certainly hope so!

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