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Emmerdale star Ned Porteous says he hasn’t received ‘too much hate mail’ as bad boy Joe Tate

He's one of the baddest boys in the Dales

Emmerdale’s hunky newcomer Ned Porteous who plays sexy villain Joe Tate in the ITV soap has said that he doesn’t get too much hate mail for playing the scheming playboy.

Ned’s character Joe seduced Debbie (Credit: ITV)

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Speaking to Soaplife Ned revealed: “I haven’t received too much hate mail, so that’s good! I don’t spend much time on social media. But, from what I’ve heard, people seem to be enjoying the character.”

Joe has been part of some controversial storylines involving long-term fan favourites, the Dingles – including seducing Debbie Dingle to get revenge on her mum Charity for her part in his dad Chris Tate’s death – so it’s lucky he’s not too hated!

When asked what he makes of the character, Ned said: “I’m fascinated by how he’ll try and push things quite far to get what he wants.

“I wouldn’t want to hang out with him!

Joe pretended to be someone else to woo her (Credit: ITV)

“I couldn’t quite believe he invited the village to his house while knocking down the house that belonged to the grandparents of the girl he was supposed to be in love with!”

Joe has a brush with death next week when he takes a leap of faith into a quarry after being dared by his little half-brother Noah.

Noah is smitten with his big brother and who can blame him? After all, Joe’s got a swanky car, bags of cash, and loads of time to spend with his new-found sibling.

But when their bonding gets out of hand next week, it looks like it’s Joe who’s paid the ultimate price as a dare goes very badly wrong.

Joe leaps into the quarry (Credit: ITV)

Noah’s really keen to spend more time with his brother so he asks him to take him to some of the places where Joe used to hang out with their dad when he was alive.

Joe hesitates over Noah’s suggestion and his brother thinks he doesn’t want to spend time with him after all, despite all his promises.

Upset, poor Noah storms off on his bicycle, and after a second, Joe grabs his mountain bike and follows.

He chases his brother through the woods and eventually tracks Noah down at the edge of a quarry.

Noah’s sulkily chucking stones in the water as Joe approaches and tries to make amends.

The pair share their feelings (so cute) and they’re both emotional as they bond properly for the first time.

But their sweet sibling moment takes a dark turn when they’re messing around and Noah dares his big bro to jump into the water.

Will he make it out alive? (Credit: ITV)

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Never one to shy away from a challenge, Joe leaps into the quarry with Noah watching in awe.

But his admiration soon turns to horror as Joe doesn’t resurface.

Is Joe dead?

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