Emmerdale star hints that Moira Dingle could face justice for killing Emma Barton

It's not over and done with yet!

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We thought Moira Barton had literally got away with murder now everyone seems to be over the whole pushing-Emma-off-the-viaduct thing.

The police think her son Adam was the murderer, and Ross and Pete have got other things to worry about right now, thanks to Ross’s acid attack.

It’s all forgotten.

Or so we thought.

Now former Emmerdale star Joe Gill, who played unlucky Finn Barton,  has teased that there could be more to come with this dark storyline.

“You never know what’s going to come back and bite you on the bum,” he told Ok! Online. “I’m sure that’ll be at the back of people’s minds. And obviously we know that things come back to bite people.

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“There’s a lot of people that know about Moira killing Emma, including Harriet and Emma’s son, so there’s every possibility that it could come back on her.”

But he added that he doesn’t think this is the end for Moira.

“You never know, Moira might just redeem herself by saving someone else’s life,” he teased.

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Ross Barton in a dark place after his acid attack, we’re wondering if the scene is set for Moira to redeem herself by saving her nephew?

Can Moira help Ross to reduce her guilt? (Credit: ITV)

Saving his life might just be the way she can get rid of some of that guilt she’s been carrying round since Emma died.

Or could she save someone else entirely?

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