Emmerdale SPOILER: Vanessa set to embark on lesbian relationship with another villager?

and it's not Rhona

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Emmerdale’s Vanessa Woodfield has has a quiet time on the relationship front of late after the departure of her younger lover Kirin Kotecha.

In upcoming scenes things might be looking up in that department as she and Megan Macey declare themselves a couple.

But as ever with Soapland, nothing is ever as it seems.

It all starts when Leyla Harding struggles to get over her wedding to Pete and the subsequent revelation he was sleeping with Priya.

Vanessa is worried about her friend (Credit: ITV)

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She’s pining for a decent man like David Metcalfe – who she jilted a few years back – and is desperately trying to move on with her life.

What better way to help their friend than to plan a big girls’ night out, which is exactly what Vanessa and Megan decide to do.

Okay, so they actually head to the Woolpack for their celebrations, but still, it’s better than wallowing at home.

And the one rule of girls’ night is that no lads are allowed.

It’s not long before the wolves start circling (Credit: ITV)

The boys in the Woolie that night haven’t necessarily been informed of that clause though and a gang soon start hitting on the ladies.

All wanting to steer clear of men for the time being, Megan and Vanessa announce they are a couple. They put on a good act and the boys are pretty convinced.

Even the ladies seem to be enjoying the charade…

Megan and Vanessa put on a great act (Credit: ITV)

But then Frank Clayton arrives and steps in to protect Megan and stop the lads hassling the woman he clearly still has feelings for.

Will the guys rumble what Vanessa and Megan are up to?

Frank wades in a blows the rouse (Credit: ITV)

Many fans have recently said they’re keen for Vanessa to find love again – and some really want it to be with a woman.

In the past, she’s had an attraction to best mate Rhona, but that seems to be behind them now.

A picture posted on Emmerdale’s official Twitter feed earlier this week also set tongues wagging about Vanessa’s love life, with fans wondering if a past character could be set for a sensational return.

In the photo fugitive Kirin cuddles his former lover Vanessa, alongside the words: “After Kirin, can Vanessa find true love again?”

If you remember, Kirin (played by Adam Fielding) was forced to leave the country – and Vanessa – for South Africa in February 2016 after accidentally killing Tess Harris in a drink-driving incident.

So it’s fair to say that a comeback would really put the cat amongst the pigeons – and viewers seemingly want it to happen.

Credit: Emmerdale/Twitter
The tweet posted by the official Emmerdale Twitter page (Credit: Emmerdale/Twitter)

Responding to the tweet, one fan demanded: “No, bring him back.”

Another mused: “I wish Kirin could come back for Vanessa.”

And a third fan wrote: “Bring back Kirin for Vanessa. She deserves a bit of excitement in her life again xx.”

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But is Kirin really the kind of excitement she needs? After all, he was involved in not one but TWO drink-driving incidents (as well as killing Tess, he ran Moira Barton off the road).

And after killing Tess, he burnt the car he was driving in, and did a runner.

Hardly the perfect role model for his and Vanessa’s little son Johnny, is he?

If Kirin, second right, returns, he’ll have questions to answer (Credit: ITV)

And some viewers were clearly against the idea of Vanessa being reunited with her exiled lover, preferring her to follow up her lesbian affair with Rhona Goskirk.

“Yes…” said one fan in response to the tweet, “but with a woman, please. Maybe even with Rhona again. After all that’s happened, I’d love to see them both happy.”

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And another concurred: “I would like to see her with a gf.”

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens…

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