Emmerdale spoiler: Ross’ drug addiction is exposed as his trial begins

It's a shocking week for the Emmerdale fave

Ross Barton’s self-destructive behaviour gets worse and worse in upcoming episodes – which end with the Emmerdale favourite in a very sorry place indeed. 

Seeming to no longer care about what happens to him and desperate to get his next fix of drugs by whatever means possible, he breaks into the veterinary surgery to steal their supplies…

Ross is caught red-handed stealing from the vets (Credit: ITV)

But, when Rhona catches him at it, Ross refuses to hand over the stolen drugs leaving her with no other choice but to tell Pete everything – including the fact that Ross made a pass at her.

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Understandably, Pete becomes even more concerned by his brother’s downward spiral, while Rhona encourages Pete to support Ross as he faces his attacker in court.

Can Pete and Rhona help get Ross back on the straight and narrow? (Credit: ITV)

As the trial finally begins, it’s a huge moment as Ross finally comes face to face with Simon McManus, the man on trial for throwing acid in his face.

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But, as he relives the attack, will Ross make the connection about Simon’s identity and recognise him as Holly’s drug dealer?

In shock scenes, Ross is devastated when the judge explains that a key witness has died… Could the case be about to fall apart…?

Ross is forced to relive his acid attack in court (Credit: ITV)

Faced with the very real possibility that he’ll never see justice served, it’s probable that Ross will become hell bent on delivering his own justice…

And surely it’s only a matter of time before Ross makes the connection that Debbie Dingle was responsible for the acid assault that inflicted his life-changing scars?

In an interview with the Radio Times, actor Michael Parr says of his character: “Ross isn’t thinking straight, his head’s in the shed.

“When he sees Simon at the trial he recognises him, and it stars to make Ross question a lot of things he thought before.”

Is justice about to be served? (Credit: ITV)

And what if the truth about Debbie’s involvement came out? Michael says: “It would be treachery of the highest order.

“Debbie has been his closest companion and the only person he’s really loved other than Donna. If he found out what she’d done it would heartbreaking for him.”

One thing is for sure, Ross – and Emmerdale fans – are in for one hell of a ride.

The dramatic episodes air from Monday 23 April on ITV at 7pm.

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