Emmerdale SPOILER: Robert rescues Rebecca – but is he secretly trying to destroy her?

She's Home (Farm) Alone

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Rebecca White faces some tough times next week when she’s left struggling to run Home Farm on her own after Chrissie reels from some shock revelations, and Lawrence is in hospital (again) fighting for his life.

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With the rest of the Whites in various states of chaos, is it Robert Sugden who comes to her rescue? Or is he actually trying to take her down after all the trubs she’s caused with him and Aaron Dingle. #RIPRobron sob.

Rebecca desperately tries to own stuff as Chrissie remains AWOL and clients start panicking about their events being cancelled. Things look even worse for her when she thinks Home Farm is being targeted and starts feeling super paranoid.

Bex is so worried that she contacts Dean to check the security of the house. There’s also a spiteful email sent out that could ruin Home Farm. Who’s behind it?

A desperate Rebecca turns to Robert and tells him all about the email. Robert is (genuinely?) shocked and agrees to do everything he can do to help her.

Is Rob’s shock actually genuine or is there something else going on?

While it seems (maybe too) obvious that Robert is behind the strange goings, has he really had time to conspire against Rebecca, while trying to win Aaron back?

He confides in her that he is planning to go all out to get Aaron back, even thought Adam Barton warns him to keep his distance as he’s wasting his time.

When Aaron returns, Robert immediately starts begging him for another chance, but Aaron sticks to his guns and reminds Robert why it’s too late for them.

A dejected Robert then moves out of the Mill, but it seems as if Aaron is more bothered by this than he lets on.

Adam worries that Aaron will start hurting himself again, especially when he spots his buddy with a black eye.

What IS going on??

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