Emmerdale SPOILER: Michael Parr reveals Ross Barton “is prepared to kill Joe Tate”

Will Ross cross the line to murderer?

Ever since Ross Barton was left facially disfigured after a horrific acid attack, the Emmerdale favourite has been on a slippery slope downhill.

Hell-bent on revenge, the heartbroken and angry character has been trying to discover who attacked him and why.

When the man responsible escaped justice because of a technicality in court, Ross’ descent into criminality started happening before our eyes.

Ross Barton is not in a good place (Credit: ITV)

Viewers know that although Simon carried out the attack, it was actually Ross’ ex-girlfriend Debbie Dingle who orchestrated it – meaning for the acid to hurt Joe Tate NOT Ross.

Unaware that the attack was originally intended for him, Joe has protected now-girlfriend Debbie and even paid Simon to keep her name out of it.

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Next week, Ross finds out about Joe’s money pact with Simon – and assumes Joe was behind the whole attack.

Determined to wreak vengeance, he confronts Joe with a gun in a dramatic showdown. And, after a scuffle, someone gets shot.

Ross lies in wait for Joe Tate… (Credit: ITV)

In an interview with Radio Times, actor Michael Parr reveals his character Ross is prepared to KILL Joe in a bid to get justice…

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He says: “Ross has grown sick of doing jobs for Connor, so ends up threatening him.

“In the end, Connor tells Ross that he’s chasing the wrong person and grasses Joe up.”

And, once Ross gets hold of gun, he’s unstoppable…

Ross gets fisty with Connor (Credit: ITV)

“Ross gets his hands on a gun from an old friend. It’s a very old World War Two revolver, but it’s the only one he could get hold of. It’s got space for six bullets and Ross puts just one in the chamber and heads round to see Joe,” explains Michael.

“What you’ll see is Ross cornering Joe, spinning the barrel and before continually pulling the hammer back and pulling the trigger. That gun is going to go off at some point, so it puts a lot of pressure on Joe to reveal the truth. But he never folds.”

When asked if Ross is really prepared to kill Joe, Michael replies: “Yes. Ross doesn’t know where the bullet is, so he would shoot Joe.”

Michael also reveals that Ross would be “heartbroken” if he ever discovers it was actually Debbie who’s behind the attack.

He said: “He’d be heartbroken. He’s been so hell-bent on revenge, but it would throw a massive spanner in the works should he discover that the girl he loves is responsible.”

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