Emmerdale SPOILER: Megan cheats – with Graham!

We weren't expecting that!

Since Graham Foster arrived in Emmerdale with his brooding, silent ways and his dark good looks, the viewers have been desperate for him to hook up with someone in the village.

Would it be Charity? Or Debbie? Or Tracy?

Next week, Graham finally makes a romantic connection with a (lucky!) villager, but it’s someone very unexpected – it’s Megan Macey!

Megan’s fella Frank is planning to propose, and is making plans to pop the question. But when she hears him whispering on the phone, she’s suspicious about what he’s up to.

Later, Frank’s busy speaking furtively to a jeweller about getting Megan the perfect ring, but Megan’s furious with him when it’s obvious he’s lying about where he’s going.

Graham gets flirty with Megan (Credit: ITV)

She’s so convinced he’s cheating that she cuts up all his clothes!

And during a business meeting with Graham later, she pours her heart out about her bloke – and Graham gets a bit flirty.

There’s a charged moment between them (Credit: ITV)

As the meeting ends, there’s a charged moment between the pair and Megan impulsively kisses Mr Foster.

Go, Megan! (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, Tracy’s confronting her dad about cheating on Megan.

When Frank realises what Megan thinks he’s been up to, he is shocked to realise how badly wrong his proposal plans have gone.

How will she react when Frank proposes? (Credit: ITV)

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It’s Megan’s turn to be surprised when Frank explains he wasn’t cheating, and gets down on one knee to pop the question. What will Megan say?

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