Emmerdale SPOILER: Liv returns with a mission – will she reunite Robron?

Or has too much happened for Aaron to forgive and forget?

Liv Flaherty, Aaron Dingle’s half-sister, is returning to the Dales next week – and doesn’t she have a few bombshells awaiting her?

There’s a showdown on the cards for Liv and Robert (Credit: ITV)

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The main one being that Aaron and his partner Robert Sugden have split up over Robert fathering a child with Rebecca White while Aaron was in prison. Ouch.

Liv, who has been away taking care of her sick mum along with Aaron’s mum, Chas, makes an unexpected appearance at Mill Cottage while Aaron and his BFF Adam Barton are having a lads’ night in.

Aaron and Liv have words about her travelling alone without telling anyone, but she’s got a bigger bone to pick -namely that her brother has split from Robert and not told her.

Liv’s left even more shocked when she hears about Rebecca’s baby. It’s not long before she runs into the pair in the village – and she’s little ball of absolute fury.

Rebecca feels the wrath of Liv too (Credit: ITV)

She really goes to town on Rebecca and Robert, hurling abuse at them and blaming them for everything that has gone wrong for her brother.

Robert tries to explain himself and calm Liv down – but will she listen?

Eventually Liv decides that Robert was the person who made Aaron happy and decides it’s her calling to get them back together.


Will her efforts be in vain though, as Danny Miller recently revealed that a new love interest for Aaron will be arriving in the village pretty soon.

Danny told “There may or may not be a lad who comes in to test the relationship, that’s all I’m going to say.

Is it really game over for Robron? (Credit: ITV)

“There’ll be a new character introduced and he’s a bit of a love interest for Aaron. We’ll see what happens.”

But don’t rule out all hope of a reconciliation as Ryan Hawley, AKA Robert, has hopes the pair will reunite.

Ryan also spoke to at the recent TV Choice awards (where Emmerdale won ALL the awards). He said: “Well I don’t know because me and Danny aren’t speaking to each other since Robert cheated on Aaron.

“He’s taking it really badly so, we’re waiting to see if we can work something out.

“I think we both get a lot of satisfaction out of the emotional scenes the two characters share together. So if that was to happen in the future, I’d be happy.”

Danny then added: “I think we’re waiting on instructions from Iain McCleod and the team upstairs. I believe he’s quite openly said there’ll be a wedding next year. We’re waiting for that just as much as everybody else.

“I love working with Ryan and the characters are very lucky we got great chemistry. Whether that’s down to the writers or down to me and Ryan is irrelevant really, it just it works very well on screen.

“I love seeing the outcome of it all, so hopefully there’ll be more to come next year.”

Danny Miller has teased a new love interest for Aaron (Credit: ITV)

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We remain ever hopeful for the Robron reconciliation.

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