Emmerdale SPOILER: James Barton returns to haunt killer Emma

She's convinced her husband is sending her messages from beyond the grave

Emma Barton is left well and truly freaked out next week when she seemingly gets some beyond-the-grave communication from dead James Barton.

Gabby is shocked when she arrives back in the village (Credit: ITV)

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Of course, it’s not really James, but vengeful Gabby Thomas who is toying with Emma’s guilt over killing James last year.

Gabby’s recently returned home from a trip abroad and has been shocked to discover what has come to light while she’s been away.

She’s particularly outraged on hearing what scheming Emma has put Laurel and Arthur through and promises her brother that she’ll deal with Emma from now on.

But what’s she got up her sleeve?

First of all, Emma is shaken when she discovers a prayer card on James’ grave. She becomes convinced that he’s sending her messages from the other side.

Ross confronts Laurel in the Woolpack (Credit: ITV)

However, when Ross and Pete find out about it, Ross is convinced that Laurel is behind it. He confronts her in the Woolie, but Laurel fiercely denies it leaving Emma in no doubt that James is trying to scare her.

A delighted Gabby soon realises that her plan is taking shape and tells Arthur she was behind the prayer card – and that she has more in store for Emma.

But has Gabby got any idea who she’s dealing with?

When Laurel heads off to stay with her sister, Gabby uses the opportunity to really rattle Emma. She comes up with a plan and asks Arthur to help her.

Arthur tells Emma he had a dream where Ashley told him to be nice to her and Emma, certain she’s receiving messages from the spirit world, believes every word.

Gabby takes things a little bit too far though when she starts ‘haunting’ Emma via walkie-talkie power. Emma realises she’s been had when she finds the teen’s crucifix.

Has Gabby put herself in danger? (Credit: ITV)

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Gabby is chuffed to bits at how much she’s rattled Emma, but when has Emma been one to let anything go?

Has Gabby put herself in serious danger?

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