Emmerdale spoiler: Hot new romance for two very unlikely Dales singles

Could they be a match made in heaven? Or a disaster waiting to happen?

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Emmerdale may generally be a hotbed of simmering sexual chemistry but there are a lot of broken hearts hidden among the secret romances and steamy affairs.

Poor Rhona Goskirk, for one. She’s getting over her terrible ordeal at the hands of evil husband Pierce and it’s quite clear she’s still holding a torch for Paddy, too.

Rhona’s not happy that Paddy has moved on (Credit: ITV)

And what about Pete Barton? Struggling to cope with the death of his mum Emma and brother Finn, and his break-up with Leyla (not to mention Priya), he’s sad and lonely.

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Could they be a match made in heaven? Or at least made in the Woolpack?!

Rhona doesn’t mean to bid for Pete (Credit: ITV)

When there’s a charity auction in the village, Paddy’s one of the fellas up for grabs. Rhona is thinking about bidding on her old flame, but Chas gets in first.

Could the pair hit it off? (Credit: ITV)

Rhona’s seething when she sees Paddy and his new love together and gets more and more jealous as the auction progresses.

To hide her feelings, she decides to bid on someone else. In a desperate attempt to pretend she’s totally over Paddy, she ends up winning Pete Barton!

Lucky Rhona! Though we’re not sure she sees it that way – at least, not at first.

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The couple agree to go for a drink together in the Woolie and to everyone’s surprise – including Rhona’s – they hit it off.

Pete cheated on Leyla (Credit: ITV)

But could this be the start of a hot new romance? Will Rhona be the one to bring some very welcome happiness to Pete’s life?

Or will Pete regret it if he gets involved with Rhona when she’s so obviously still hung up on her ex?

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