Emmerdale SPOILER: Emma Barton loses it as Laurel ups the pressure

The murderer is struggling to hold it together

The walls are closing in on Emmerdale’s Emma Barton as Laurel refuses to give up on proving her former friend killed her husband.

Of course, we all know Laurel’s right, but Emma seems to have pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes and made them believe Laurel is going mad with grief and even drinking again.

But the nutty nurse’s sons, Ross and Finn are suspicious of their mum.

Finn knows his mum isn’t being entirely honest (Credit: ITV)

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Ross overheard a strange conversation between Emma and Laurel and started to wonder if all wasn’t as it seemed.

And Finn knows Emma was on the bridge the night his father died.

The pressure of keeping all her plates and lies spinning is starting to get to Emma and there’s only so long she can talk her way out of all these sticky messes.

Especially given Laurel is upping the pressure on her big time.

Laurel isn’t giving up (Credit: ITV)

Laurel constantly reminds Emma she’s watching her and she’s not even remotely buying the sweet and innocent act that Emma is parading around in front of the other villagers.

One person who has been taken in is Bob Hope. Previously Ashley’s best friend and always there for Laurel, he has started to believe Emma is telling the truth and Laurel is persecuting her unnecessarily.

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Laurel isn’t overly impressed with Emma working in the cafe (Credit: ITV)

Bob even asks Emma to help him out in the cafe – something which Laurel is not pleased to see at all.

But she doesn’t flip out, instead Laurel just warns Bob to be very careful indeed who he’s letting into his life – especially where Emma is concerned.

Wanting to try and get Laurel back on her side, Emma offers an olive branch. Of course, Laurel immediately throws this back in her face and tells her she doesn’t trust her one little bit – she knows Emma killed James and she won’t stop until she proves it.

A shaken Emma can’t keep up the facade for ever and it’s clear she’s starting to crack.

How far will Laurel’s latest rejection push her? With actress Gillian Kearney leaving the show very soon, it doesn’t look like it’ll be long before Emma completely loses it – and then we might be in for a very dangerous time indeed…

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