Emmerdale SPOILER: Death fears for Liv after Robert drugs her

He doesn't mean to, but does that really make it any better?

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Emmerdale’s Robert Sugden never meant for his plot against Lawrence White to harm anyone he loves, but sadly it looks like that’s exactly what happens when he accidentally drugs Liv Flaherty.

Liv has returned from staying with her sick mother to find her brother Aaron Dingle and his husband Robert have broken up thanks to Robert fathering a baby with Rebecca White.

She’s not happy about the situation and is determined to make Robert pay, so when she sees him driving past, she decides to have it out with him.

Liv isn’t happy at Robert and Rebecca’s baby news (Credit: ITV)

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She marches round to Home Farm and confronts him, insisting to Rebecca that he hates her and is just using her.

Forced to deny her accusations, Robert tells Rebecca Liv is lying so as to protect his whole plan to take over the White empire.

“He’s stuck between the mother of his unborn child and the sister of his estranged husband,” Ryan Hawley told Inside Soap.

“Robert is definitely upset by it, but given what he’s trying to do, he’s worried that what Liv is saying will make Rebecca ask questions.”

Robert is forced to tell the doctor the truth about the diazepam (Credit: ITV)

Furious at being branded a liar, upset Liv storms out – and swipes Robert’s car keys and a bottle of brandy as she goes.

That would be the very same brandy that Robert has been drugging to keep Lawrence from making a recovery…

When Robert realises what’s missing from the house, he quickly heads out and is horrified to find her unconscious.

“Robert finds Liv passed out by the side of the road, and he’s really concerned,” Ryan continued. “She’s just a young girl and his actions were indirectly responsible for causing this.

“He’s guilty. He feels awful.”

Robert feels horrendous about his mistake (Credit: ITV)

Robert gets her to hospital where he’s forced to admit Liv will have diazepam in her system as well as the brandy she’s necked.

When Aaron arrives, devastated, he’s then left fuming when the doctor thanks Robert for telling them about the drugs.

“Aaron puts two and two together – he knows that Robert had the same drug, so he knows that Robert is responsible for the critical condition his sister is in.”

Aaron says he’ll kill Robert if Liv doesn’t pull through (Credit: ITV)

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As Aaron menacingly tells him if Liv doesn’t pull through he will kill him, Robert is left heartbroken over all the trouble he’s caused.

“Aaron saying that to him is like another stab in the heart. The way things are between them now isn’t the way they’d like it to be.

“Robert has given up all hope of them getting back together.”

This is going to be one huge mistake to come back from, that’s for sure.

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