Emmerdale spoiler: Baddie killed in shocking arson revenge attack?

Will Debbie really blow up Home Farm and wipe out Tom/Joseph?

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Since Joseph Tate revealed his true identity, broke Debbie’s heart and humiliated her in front of her friends and family, we’ve been waiting for her to get her revenge.

And next week she finally snaps and goes all out to get her own back on the man who’s betrayed her and her family so badly.

Joe gives the builders the nod to demolish the Dingles’ home (Credit: ITV)

This week, Joe starts the demolition of the Dingles’ home with Noah and Samson inside – and the builders unaware of their presence.

So after the destruction of her family pad, not to mention the horror of the young lads being trapped inside, Deb is determined to make her former fella pay.

Noah and Samson are inside as the bulldozer approaches (Credit: ITV)

Armed with petrol canisters, she marches up to Home Farm and starts dousing everything in fuel.

But this isn’t just your average arson attack, Ms Dingle’s planning. Oh no. Once she’s covered the whole place in petrol, she’s got another move up her sleeve.

She craftily rigs the electrics to make sure the whole place will blow as soon as Joe tries to so much as turn on a light. She’s clever, but nasty!

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Debbie douses Home Farm with petrol (Credit: ITV)

But Cain’s wise to what she’s up to and follows with Ross, hoping to stop his daughter doing anything drastic…

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When Joe arrives home, he finds a furious Debbie waiting for him, explaining that she’s rigged the place and it’ll go up in flames any minute.

Out for revenge, Debbie explains she’s rigged the whole place to explode (Credit: ITV)

Joe loses his cool and the pair argue, just as Cain and Ross arrive – straight into the middle of the former lovebirds’ killer row.

Can Cain stop Debbie doing something she’ll regret – or has she gone way too far to think rationally about what she’s planning?

Could Debbie’s fiery fury spell the end of Joseph Tate’s grand plan to take revenge on the Dingle family – and even the end of Joe himself?

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