Emmerdale SPOILER: Aaron Dingle to make a heartbreaking confession

Oh, Aaron

So we all know that Emmerdale’s Aaron Dingle doesn’t belong with his new love interest, Dr Alex, but that doesn’t stop his sister Liv from pushing them together over the festive season.

It looks like her efforts have all been in vain however when Alex turns up at the Dingles on Christmas Day and tells Aaron they should spend some time apart.

Alex pays Aaron a Christmas visit (Credit: ITV)

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Aaron realises that Alex is pushing him away and pleads with him to stay, kissing him to let him know he really wants him to be there.

The pair head off for a drink on Boxing Day and Aaron is forced to address his feelings for his ex, Robert Sugden – does he still love him or is his heart with Alex now?

Alex has been concerned about why Aaron has been blowing hot and cold with him and Aaron bravely confides in him that he has self-harmed in the past and feels conscious about his scars.

His frank admission comes from a pep talk from his grandma, Faith Dingle, who has recently faced up to her own body hang-ups following a masectomy.

Faith gives Aaron a pep talk (Credit: ITV)

Alex is moved by Aaron’s bravery and honesty and things quickly get passionate between the pair.

But while Aaron is finally getting a merry Christmas, Robert hits rock bottom.

It’s been a pretty bleak time for him after being shut out of baby Seb’s life and thrown out of Home Farm, but seeing Aaron and Alex happy together tips him over the edge.

Jealous and upset, Robert ends up humiliating himself completely by insulting Alex and making a very clumsy attempt to win Aaron back.

Robert is jealous when he sees Aaron and Alex (Credit: ITV)

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With his whole life in tatters, Rob grabs a bottle of whisky and drunkenly stumbles off down a dark country lane, which as we all know means sure and certain danger in Emmerdale.

What’s going to happen to lonely Robert? And can anyone come to his rescue?

Obviously we’re sworn to secrecy but don’t miss Emmerdale on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

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