Emmerdale: Is DI Bails actually Debbie Dingle’s dad?

Could this be Charity's biggest secret yet?

A shocking theory about Debbie Dingle’s parentage is currently running rampant through Emmerdale fans.

Suspicious ITV viewers believe that Cain is NOT Debbie’s real father after all.

Instead, they reckon disgusting rapist DI Bails is the true dad – and they are convinced they have the evidence to prove it.

Is Cain REALLY Debbie’s father? (Credit: ITV)

Ever since Charity confessed that she’d been raped by corrupt cop Mark Bails when she was just 14, fans have gone into speculation overdrive.

Especially, when she admitted that she’d had a secret son.

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This week, Charity revealed the son could have been Bails’ – but the baby tragically died during birth.

Fans know that the pub landlady had a difficult childhood and was kicked out by her dad after getting pregnant with Debbie at the age of 13.

Flashback to when Cain thought he was in the Stone Roses (Credit: ITV)

Ending up on the streets and working as a prostitute, that’s when she met DI Bails, who groomed and raped her.

Now fans are questioning whether Debbie could also be Bails’ illegitimate daughter.

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Taking to Twitter to share theories, one said: “My bets on Debbie being the police officers not Cain’s #soapprediction #emmerdale.”

Another person asked: “Just watching #emmerdale is Debbie really Bails daughter and not Cains????”

A third remarked: “When Dad says they could do DNA on Debbie because he thinks she could be DC Bails child #Emmerdale.”

“If Bails raped Charity when she was 14 what if he is Debbie’s dad and not Cain #Emmerdale,” said another.

Other fans believe that Charity’s son didn’t die, and she is lying to protect him from DI Bails.

With a bombshell promised in the special flashback episode later this month, we can be sure there’s still lots more to uncover…

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