Emmerdale fans spot a big problem with family’s desperate exit strategy

Good luck with that then

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Emmerdale finally revealed plans for the White family’s exit last night when Lawrence, wanting to get his brood as far away from Robert Sugden as possible, suggested they all move to Australia.

The idea came after Rebecca said she was planning on heading Down Under to stay with a pal, to keep baby Seb away from his dad.

It was all Lawrence’s idea (Credit: ITV)

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But Emmerdale fans were quick to point out that moving to Australia wasn’t quite as simple as moving from Home Farm to the Woolie.

For a start, there’s a whole issue with visas which need to be applied for and obtained before saying ‘g’day mate.’

The fam would also need to have jobs arranged in advance which, to our knowledge, they don’t.

But more pressingly would be the host of criminal convictions and health issues the Whites have racked up between them.

First up is that juvenile delinquent, Lachlan, who has attempted murder and perverting the course of justice on his charge sheet after shooting granddad Lawrence and trying to frame Andy Sugden for it.

Good luck with that plan (Credit: ITV)

He was also made to sign the sex offenders register after assaulting Alicia Metcalfe.

Then there’s Lawrence and his heart issues which might be a reason for his own visa to be declined.

Fans took to Twitter to burst the White’s Australian bubble.

“Like you can all just go to Australia.. May need appropriate visas first. That will take a while #emmerdale #unrealistic” pointed out one viewer.

Another added: “Good luck legally moving Lachlan to Australia with his sexual offender conviction. #emmerdale”

And a third tweeted: “I’m sure Australia will relax it’s immigration laws for the whites, with all their criminal records & health issues, to rock up at short notice #emmerdale.”

It looks like the White family may have to rethink their great Australian dream and head somewhere a bit easier to get into. Maybe the Isle of Wight would be a better option?

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