Emmerdale fans rage as Moira Barton turns to drugs like dead daughter Holly

Has she learned nothing?

Poor Moira Barton became even more caught up in her downward spiral in last night’s Emmerdale when she made a call to Simon – her dead daughter Holly’s former drug dealer.

Long-term fans know that Moira lost Holly last year after she overdosed on drugs and it looks like history could be in danger of repeating itself as she arranged to meet Simon.

Moira makes a desperate call to Simon (Credit: ITV)

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Following an unsuccessful visit to the doctor who refused to prescribe her any sleeping pills, because she’s still breastfeeding and has a young baby to take care of, Moira decided she was going to get her hands on some pills by any means necessary – even if it meant turning to the person who sold Holly drugs.

Moira’s been unable to sleep since she gave birth to surprise baby Isaac back in October. Her lack of rest has contributed to the post-natal depression she’s been diagnosed with.

Will Moira really sink to new depths and buy illegal drugs after what happened to Holly?

Fans were furious at the unexpected twist (Credit: ITV)

Fans are hoping not and took to Twitter to vent their fury at Moira calling Simon, branding the storyline ‘sensationalism.’

“@Emmedale I’m sorry but I don’t believe Moira would take drugs after what happened to Holly. No way…”

Another angry viewer added: “Noo Moira, don’t be stupid! You’ve seen the damage it did to Holly, drugs are not the answer!”

And a third agreed, tweeting: “Moira turns to drugs from her daughtes dealers? Sensation over substance as usual.”

Elsewhere, Adam was furious with Victoria as he blasted her for putting the final nail in his coffin by burning the letter Emma Barton wrote before she died.

With the police still keen to pin the murder on Adam, he planted the letter in Ross’ house before making an anonymous call to the police informing them that Ross has been hiding evidence.

Victoria caught him in the act and headed to Ross’ to put right Adam’s wrongs, and managed to get the letter out moments before the police arrived with a search warrant.

All was not well between Adam and Victoria (Credit: ITV)

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Adam is now convinced he’s going to go down for the murder and even if he doesn’t will their already fragile marriage be able to recover from Vic’s betrayal?

With only weeks to go until Adam leaves the village for good – will he be heading to prison, or running away from his marriage?

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