Emmerdale fans have a surprising new Emma Barton murder suspect

Truth will finally be revealed this evening

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After weeks of speculation, Emmerdale fans will finally find out in tonight’s episode who killed Emma Barton.

But before the big reveal, fans think they spotted clues over whodunnit in last night’s show and have started putting their money on a surprising new suspect.

Viewers have waited for weeks to find out how Emma Barton fell to her death (Credit: ITV)

Those currently in the frame for Emma’s dramatic demise include members of the Barton family and Cain Dingle.

Now fans believe someone else entirely could be responsible after one character displayed what seemed to be a guilty conscience last night – step forward Arthur Thomas.

Viewers believe he could be a young murderer after he begged his mum Laurel to let him go to Emma’s funeral so he could “be forgiven.”

Arthur Thomas is the latest suspect for some viewers (Credit: ITV)

He said: “Mum, I made a decision when I was in the bath. I want to go to Emma’s funeral tomorrow.”

When Gabby asked him to explain himself, he said: “Mum said it’s what dad would have wanted. She needs to rest in peace.”

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As Laurel and Gabby tried to convince him it was not a good idea, he continued: “We still did some pretty bad things to her, we need to say sorry so we can be forgiven too.”

Arthur told his mum he needed to go to Emma’s funeral to “be forgiven” (Credit: ITV)

His mum – who has also been a suspect – then told him: “She did some pretty bad things to us too remember? You have absolutely nothing to feel guilty about, you are complete innocent.”

Or is he? Some fans are convinced the boy could have blood on his hands in a mirror of the EastEnders Lucy Beale murder plot, where her little brother Bobby Beale was eventually revealed to be responsible.

“Arthur’s keen to go to Emma’s funeral, guilty conscience?” one wrote.

“Starting to think Arthur done it #emmerdale,” said another.

“Gonna be another Bobby Beale storyline isn’t it,” said a third.

Others think little Arthur couldn’t have acted alone to push Emma to her death and have also put Gabby in the frame.

Her reaction when Arthur said he wanted to go to the funeral was telling.

“She can rest in hell. I’m not going and I’m also not forgiving,” she said, avoiding eye contact with Arthur when his mum told him he was innocent.

Is Gabby also feeling guilty? (Credit: ITV)

So is it another red herring or could Arthur or Gabby really be murderers?

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Or perhaps the big reveal tonight will unmask the killer as someone who has never been considered a suspect before?

Tune in this eve to find out!

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