Emmerdale fans go wild for shock comeback of beloved character in Christmas Day episode

The beloved character delighted fans with their Christmas comeback

Emmerdale viewers were overjoyed tonight as Val Pollard made a spectacular return from the dead.

The beloved B&B owner – played up until last year by actress Charlie Hardwick in the ITV soap – popped back from the afterlife for a starring role in Robert Sugden’s dream sequence.

Val’s back – but only for a brief stint sadly

As Robert was forced to relive the same morning over and over again as he lay dying in a ditch after being run over by Lawrence White, Val greeted him at a funeral.

Thinking the funeral was for Aaron, Robert panicked and began trying to bargain with Val.

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Fortunately she was there to teach him a much-needed lesson.

“I’m not surprised you couldn’t elbow shouts-a-lot from Home Farm, you’re not very quick, are you?” she said.

Val’s death at the hands of a falling shard of mirror wasn’t well-received by fans, but her comeback was

“I love chicken pie but I can’t stop sticking a knife in it,” she added telling him he would be responsible for Aaron Dingle’s death unless he leaves him.

She added: “I know you want to be with Aaron, and that’s nice, I suppose.

Her trademark glare also made a comeback

“But the thing is, if you don’t let him live his life, if you keep interfering, if you keep being as you are then all all of this will be for real at some point.

“If not his then yours, or both.”

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Viewers were thrilled by Val’s return and called for her comeback to be made permanent.

One wrote: “Val Yesss the legend has returned once again #Emmerdale”

Another said: “Bring Val back!! #Emmerdale”

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