Emmerdale viewers predict hot new romance for Marlon

Jessie seems to have a soft spot for him...

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Emmerdale fans are getting fed up with Victoria Barton – aka the baby botherer – after tonight’s outing to the village.

With Moira still struggling with motherhood, Faith Dingle has been trying to push her and Cain back together.

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She tricked Cain into coming over and suggested they go off to register the baby’s birth together.

“You’ve still got to register the birth, preferably before the christening tomorrow. There’s no way they’ll fine you,” she added.

As Cain queried what Faith meant by a fine, Moira explained: “You have to register the birth within so many days or they fine you.”

With the christening the following day, it’s slightly strange that Moira’s had time to organise that, but not to register her baby’s birth…

After Cain and Moira headed off to register little Isaac, when they got back Victoria was, of course, there, bothering Moira about her and Adam being godparents.

“Faith sort of told me you were thinking about me and Adam as godparents,” Vic enthused.

“Talk about pushy cow,” Cain echoed the feelings of most of the nation of Emmerdale viewers!

Elsewhere, Rhona’s feelings for Paddy were intensifying as they hosted a bake sale to raise money for Leo’s teaching assistant.

Especially after Paddy stood up for her in the face of ridiculously snooty head of the PTA Daphne.

After she pointed out some of the cakes were shop bought, Paddy raged: “What’s it matter if a few of the cakes weren’t made at home?

“What does it matter if the bunting’s a bit tired? And what is a Battenburg anyway? I’ll tell you what it is, it’s some throwback that no one likes, so no wonder you’re good at it.

“Why don’t you shut your face? I’m sorry to be rude, but Rhona is doing what’s best for her son and she is an amazing and hardworking mother and we are all behind her 100 percent.”

Rhona looked at him doe-eyed. But she was in for a shock later when she heard Paddy and Chas talking about their relationship and she realised she was too late to win her husband back.

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Meanwhile, Marlon wasn’t displaying his parenting skills all that well as he entered into a state of competition with his daughter, April.

“Loser, loser, loser,” Marlon screamed at his little girl as he brought out his cake offering. And later on he fumed at her cheating by flashing her adorable face to sell cakes.

It’s not the winning that counts, Marlon, it’s the taking part!

If some viewers’ theories are to be trusted – and we reckon they are – Marlon could soon be taking part in a hot new love affair.

Head teacher Jessie now knows that he’s NOT in a couple with Paddy. Is that a frisson we spotted? New couple alert everyone!

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