Emmerdale fans’ fears realised as Nell twists the knife on Jai

Former addict revealed as a psychopath

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Earlier this week, Emmerdale viewers were growing even more suspicious of the increasingly odd Nell Fairfax.

There was just a little something about Jai’s current love interest that they thought was a bit strange.

For one, she suddenly took up an interest in photography, just like Jai’s ex Holly, who died months back of a drugs overdose.

Fans said in the week they thought it was creepy that she was trying so hard to be like Jai’s former lover, worried that Jai was headed for heartbreak.

Viewers reckoned there was something not quite right about Nell – and they were right! (Credit: ITV)

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And viewers were right, as Nell has now been exposed as a bit of a psychopath!

This week, Jay finally found out the truth and discovered to his horror that his girlfriend, who he had met at an NA meeting, had been lying all the time he’d been with her.

Jai finally found out the truth about Nell (credit: ITV)

When he realised she had told porkies about being an addict, falling pregnant and even losing a daughter, he confronted her and ended up having a blazing row with her, resulting in him pushing her over and leaving her with a cut forehead.

Nell is crazy! (Credit: ITV)

But if there’s one lesson to be learned from soaps, never antagonise a psychopathic, because they will get their own back on you pronto.

And that’s exactly what happened.

Police arrived to arrest Jai for attacking Nell (Credit: ITV)

At the end of last night’s episode, Jai got a visit from the police who arrested him over the attack.

But fans now fear that Nell will target Holly’s mum Moria in her sick and twisted games.

Is Moira in danger from Nell? (Credit: ITV)

Viewers grew worried when they saw deranged Nell head straight to Moira’s farm where she kept a creepy watchful eye on her.

Is Moira in danger? Well, viewers are convinced that she just might be.

One wrote: “OMG what is Nell gonna do to Moira.”

Another said: “OMG Moira run!”

A third got a little carried away and said: “Nell, stay the [BLEEP] away from Moira!”

Meanwhile, fans of the soap are now wondering if Nell may in fact be the daughter of Emmerdale’s other resident psycho, Emma Barton.

Could Emma Barton be Nell’s secret psycho mother? (Credit: ITV)

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One Tweeted: “Is Nell the secret love child of Emma Barton?”

“I hope #Emmerdale does something super crazy like make Nell Emma’s daughter she had adopted after she ran off years ago.”

We’ll just have to see how the storyline pans out…

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