Emmerdale fans convinced there’s even more to Nell’s sick plot

We knew she wasn't being completely honest

Emmerdale viewers were left stunned last night when the truth about Nell Fairfax was revealed.

We’ve suspected for quite some time that she wasn’t being truthful about who she was – and it turned out we were right.

But some fans now think this means a whole lot more than just that she’s being leading Jai on a merry dance – in fact, they think she KILLED Holly Barton.

Jai and Nell met at an NA meeting (Credit: ITV) 

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Jai was still grieving for Holly, who died of a heroine overdose, when he met Nell at Narcotics Anonymous.

Viewers immediately picked up on the fact she was the spitting image of Jai’s dead girlfriend, and it’s become more and more clear Nell’s been trying to fill Holly’s shoes in every way she possibly can.

Did Nell kill Holly? (Credit: ITV)

When Nell announced she was pregnant, Jai had doubts, but eventually decided to propose.

However, when he was out shopping for a ring he discovered Nell had lied about her baby Rosie dying when he saw the little girl’s picture was just a stock shot used to sell photo frames.

Jai wasn’t overly happy by the baby news at first (Credit: ITV)

He then found out Nell wasn’t pregnant and it transpired she had newspaper cuttings about Holly and had targeted Jai from the start.

Despite her pleas they could still be happy together, he rejected her and left her bleeding after a fight and screaming on the floor.

Jai was fuming when he found out the truth (Credit: ITV)

The next we saw she was hiding out at Moira’s farm and watching the mother of Holly. But is she going to do anything to Moira?

Fans are fearful that’s what she’s plotting, but they’re also convinced she hasn’t just tried to steal Holly’s life after the Barton lass died, but actually had something to do with her death as well.

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This would be huge news if true, can you imagine?

With more twists and turns to come before Nell makes her explosive exit next week, we’re set for a rollercoaster ride.

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