Emmerdale fans blast “sick” plot

The storyline is a little too weird for some

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Oh dear, Emmerdale fans aren’t happy.

Watching last night’s episode left them feeling a little queasy.

They were feeling uneasy because Nell Fairfax is slowly turning into Holly Barton who died of a drug overdose a year ago.

Holly Barton Emmerdale
Viewers reckon that Nell is the spit of Holly (above) (Credit: ITV)

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And what made it weirder for them is that Jai Sharma – who was romantically involved with Holly – is dating her.

In last night’s episode things grew odder when Nell, who is the spitting image of Holly, started to show a sudden interest in photography, just as her doppelgänger did before her.

Viewers were feeling uneasy when they noticed that Nell is turning into another version of Holly (Credit: ITV)

Could this be the start of a storyline in which Nell tries to make-like Jai’s previous girlfriend for devious reasons?

Most likely. You know what those Emmerdale scriptwriters are like. Wicked!

And viewers bit.

In fact they were beside themselves as they decided that the whole potential plot was “sick”.

Some were so horrified that they threatened to boycott the soap.

Viewers branded the storyline “Sick” (Credit: ITV)

One took to Twitter and said: “Sorry but Nell looks like Holly and into photography too now. She looks like Holly and now living her life with Jai. This is sick.”

Another agreed, adding: “Not a fan of Nell and the way they seem to be trying to make her a replacement Holly. #Emmerdale.”

A third couch-commentator said: “Emmerdale Jai stop trying to make her into Holly. It’s well creepy.”

A fourth ruffled fan said: “Holly was into photography too, this is just sick now… turning over Emmerdale.”

Jai’s relationship with Nell looks doomed as it’s been reported that she will be making a shock exit (Credit: ITV)

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However, it looks like this “sick” relationship won’t last too long as it has been reported that Scarlett Archer who plays Nell is quitting the show in an explosive way.

“Scarlett came in as Nell for a very specific storyline,” a source told the Daily Star.

“She was always leaving at the end of her current contract and viewers will not be disappointed with her exit.

What will happen to Jai when Nell makes her departure (credit: ITV)

“Nell’s departure will have a massive impact on Jai.

“He’s only just got his life back on track so her exit could well send him spiralling out of control once again.”

Ooooh, sounds intriguing…

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