Emmerdale fans are convinced they’ve worked out Adam Thomas’s exit storyline

Will this be the reason he goes?

Rumours about how Adam Thomas’ character, Adam Barton, will exit Emmerdale have been circulating for months – but fans think they’ve finally pegged how it will happen.

It’s all to do with last week’s storyline, which saw the death of Emma Barton. At first, it was thought she’d taken her own life, but now it seems it was murder – and Adam is panicking that he will be blamed for it.

The twist was revealed this week, at the same time as the funeral of Finn Barton– Emma’s son, who she shot dead.

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Cain Dingle, Adam’s former stepdad, approached him during the funeral, and told him to “pull it together fast”.

“You need to pull it together fast. We need to get you sorted before the police come looking…They reckon Emma was murdered.”

At this point, viewers were suspicious: did this mean Adam had committed the murder, and Cain somehow knew?

However, Adam protested his innocence to Cain – despite the fact he had last been seen chasing Emma with a gun into the woods.

“I was never going to hurt her. She had just killed her son and ex husband and she could have done the same to mum and the baby.”

Cain pushed on, trying to get through to Adam about how guilty he appeared.

“The police are going to be asking you far worse questions. Where were you after I saw you at the farm?”

Later on, it seemed like Cain’s words had got to him, as he confessed his worries to his mum Moira – referencing his previous sentence for attacking Cain.

“I didn’t do it mum. I went after her with the gun mum. I’ve got form. They know I tried to burn Cain to death and I served time for it.

“What if they put me in the frame for this? I’ve got no way of proving them wrong.”

Which leaves it, according to fans, likely that this will prompt Adam Thomas’s departure from the show – whether he’s locked up, or decides to flee instead.

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Twitter users weighed in, with one commenting: “I do hope this ‘Who Killed Emma’ storyline doesn’t have anything to do with @adamthomas21 leaving. I won’t be happy if it is… #Emmerdale”

Another wrote: “Adam Thomas has been leaving for about a year. Could this be it? #Emmerdale”.

“Adam will probably exit by going on the run with Cains help. thinking that he will get sent down for it as there’s no evidence,” said someone else.

While a fourth said: “I reckon Adam killed Emma!! The real @adamthomas21 is leaving @emmerdale so it makes sense!!”

Do you think this will be the reason Adam finally leaves the show? Watch this space!

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