Emmerdale criticised for ‘pinching’ Coronation Street revenge plot

'Scene' it before!

Emmerdale character Robert Sugden’s Christmas epiphany was stalled on Wednesday night’s edition of the ITV soap as he sought to show he is a changed man.

Reformed Robert (Karl Davies) appeared to be patching things up with the mother of his baby, Rebecca White, during the latest episode of the soap.

But Lachlan White (Thomas Atkinson) faked an assault from Robert, throwing himself to the ground, smashing some glass and injuring his hand.

Robert looked shocked as he was told to get out by Rebecca.

It comes days after he was mowed down in the Christmas Day special and subsequently had a life-changing experience best described as Groundhog Day meets A Christmas Carol.

A series of flashbacks saw him visited by the ghost of Val Pollard, and placed him at the funeral of former boyfriend Aaron Dingle.

However, viewers hit out at “manipulative” Lachlan for his actions.

@Kellywillis74 posted on Twitter: “Lachlan is so hateful! I cant stand him, I literally recoil whenever hes on screen.”

@KaylaLouise96 wrote: “lachlan is a proper hypocrite, isnt he?” while @xBlackenedSky posted: “Lachlan is such a manipulative freak.”

@ClaudiaBoelyn tweeted: “Honestly the fact anyone believes anything Lachlan says is laughable.

“I’m not saying they have any reason to believe Robert either, but honestly the Whites are so ridiculously gullible I cannot take it.”

Other viewers spotted a similarity from a recent Coronation Street storyline in which Chesney Brown hit himself with a brick as he attempted to frame Daniel Osbourne.

Ches hit himself and framed love rival Daniel (Credit: ITV)

They hit out at a lack of originality in the two soaps.

@Fulbut tweeted: “What the hell! Do these writers copycat themselves..#emmerdale #corrie Chesney/Daniel Lachlan/Robert making out they’ve been attacked.”

@Chockies12 wrote: “why can’t scriptwriters come up with original storylines. Only recently Chesney, Corrie, did same as Lachlan. Fake his fall. All soaps getting too predictable now.”

@donnachan78 posted: “Lachlan has done a Chesney.”

Emmerdale returns on Thursday at 7pm

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