Emmerdale couple to be torn apart by health crisis?

They might be facing a battle

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Is there a possibility of a reconciliation on the cards for Adam and Victoria Barton? The estranged couple grow closer next week and even share a kiss.

But is this really the beginning of a reunion or just Victoria panicking about Adam’s medical conditions – which, by the way, we’re trying to ignore in light of Adam Thomas leaving.

Could they get back together? (Credit: ITV)

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And with Adam facing a health crisis, is it really set to be happy ever after for these two?

When Adam struggles with his sight, Finn encourages him to see a specialist and Victoria is worried to and even offers to drive him to hospital.

During their drive, Ads is given hope when his estranged wife admits she still loves him and always will. Later, he realises she’s missed a festival to be with him and they share a kiss. Yaaaaasssss!

Obviously Ads is delighted that they could be back on and tells an excited Finn that they might be back on.

Diane Sugden is on hand to give Vic some advice and, while she tells her to follow her heart, she also warns her to be cautious.

And knowing Adam’s time in the village is limited, she’s probably right.

Could they find a way through? (Credit: ITV)

When Ads meets Victoria will he get the good news that she wants to try again?

Or is he set for disappointment?

Adam Thomas spoke to Inside Soap about his characters hopes: “The fact that she put work on hold for him shows there’s a little spark.

“It’s like old times and Adam seems to think there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

He could be getting his wires crossed. He’s never stopped loving Victoria but she can’t get over what he did to her – and I can’t blame her.”

Adam, who recently got married to his long-term girlfriend, Caroline Daly, shared some advice for his alter-ego.

He said: “I’d advise him to take a step back and not push it too much.

“Adam broke this woman’s heart, so he needs to give her as much time as she needs.

“Just let it happen because, hopefully she loves him too.”

The good old days (Credit: ITV)

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Not as much as we love them!

But what of this health crisis – is his eye sight something to worry about? Could their relationship be put in jeopardy if there’s something very seriously wro

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