Emmerdale confirms father of Moira’s baby

Is it Cain or Pete?

Emmerdale have confirmed the results of a paternity test revealing who fathered Moira’s surprise son.

When she went into labour during the barn fire, Moira had told Emma Barton that Pete Barton was the daddy, but whether she believed that to be true or just shouted it out in the heat (quite literally) of the moment, remains to be seen.

And that’s because next week it’s revealed that Cain Dingle is the actual father. Shocker.

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Next week will see Moira feel guilty over the fact Pete is starting to bond with the baby he thinks is his son.

She’s forced to tell him the truth: she’s not 100 percent sure who the daddy is.

An angry and emotional Pete, grieving the loss of his mother and brother, lashes out and demands a paternity test, before tracking down Cain and telling him he’s probably the father.

Cain’s stunned (although the thought must have crossed his mind!) and it throws his whole relationship with vicar Harriet Finch into turmoil.

With Harriet doubting their future as a couple, she goes to visit Moira, who tries to reassure her that Cain probably wouldn’t want to be involved with the baby anyway – he doesn’t exactly have the best track record when it comes to his kids.

But when the test results come through and it reveals Cain is the father, will Moira be proved right?

Harriet certainly seems to think the best thing for everyone is for Cain to end his relationship with her, but Cain is adamant he and Moira are over. Will he step up and be a daddy to his boy though?

And what about poor Pete? He takes the news hard and struggles to deal with everything that’s happened lately.

Will only remaining brother Ross be a shoulder to cry on? Or is Ross too busy hiding something of his own?

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When Emma Barton’s body was found at the bottom of the viaduct in Friday’s episode, it was later revealed Ross had been there when his mum died.

Fans are already speculating that he pushed her. Did he kill his own mum after finding out all her crimes?

Or did something else happen to Emma that is yet to be uncovered?

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