Emmerdale: Charity in trouble with police

She's playing with fire

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Charity Dingle finds herself in trouble with the boys in blue next week when she is unable to stay away from DI Bails’ house.

Since he reappeared in her life last month, she’s struggled to cope having revealed the horror of her past to her girlfriend Vanessa Woodfield.

Charity tells Vanessa she’s been stalking Bails again (Credit: ITV)

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Full of fury, she’s taken to stalking the twisted DI who imprisoned her, raped her and beat her when she was a teenager.

She wants to confront the seedy copper and warn him away from Tracy Metcalfe – Vanessa’s half-sister – but as she works up the courage to knock on his door, she realises that Bails is staring angrily back at her.

Knowing she’s been spotted, Charity speeds off back home where she tells Vanessa that she’s been to Bails’ house again.

The next thing she knows, the police are arriving and PC Swirling gives Charity a very stern warning to stay away from Bails.

PC Swirling gives Charity a stern warning (Credit: ITV)

Vanessa pleads with Charity to let things lie before she gets into serious trouble and Charity reluctantly agrees. Does she mean it though?

But the next day while Charity’s putting the bins out, Bails himself appears and backs Charity into a corner, leaving her terrified and struggling to keep it together.

When he finally leaves after warning her again to keep her mouth shut about their history, she lashes out angrily at the bin.

Later, Bails supports Tracy as she gives a speech about her experiences with creepy Phil Webb at a conference. With her confidence boosted by Bails, Frank, Megan and David watch in awe as she takes to the stand.

Bails corners Charity and issues his warning again (Credit: ITV)

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Back at the Woolpack, a stressed Charity is drinking wine alone, looking at the money Bails bribed her with to stay quiet. Bubbling with anger she heads to the conference and arrives just in time to see Bails giving Tracy a warm hug.

Charity cannot keep her disgust under wraps but what will she do as her rapist and abuser revels in the admiration from the crowd?

Will she end up in even more trouble as Vanessa predicted?

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Emmerdale airs week nights at 7pm with an extra episode on Thursdays at 8pm on ITV

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