Emmerdale actress claims she met husband through magic after casting a “love spell”

The star is a self-proclaimed witch

Emmerdale’s Samantha Giles has claimed she met her husband through magic after casting a “love spell”.

The star is a self-proclaimed witch and revealed she practices Wicca – a religion based on ancient witchcraft traditions.

Samantha, who plays Bernice Blackstock in the soap, said she met hubby Sean Pritchard by practicing witchcraft.

Samantha revealed she used magic to meet her hubby Sean (Credit: ITV)

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Host Lorraine Kelly was keen to ask the star about the spell she cast on her partner.

Samantha replied: “I cast a love spell before I met him to find the right person.

“It’s not as bonkers as it sounds because lots of people are into manifesting. A lot of people have read The Secret, it’s ritualising it and using all kids of things.

“I use candles and crystals and I wrote down exactly what I was after and when I met Sean and he was everything that I asked for.”

The star went on to reassure Lorraine, 57, that she only practices white magic.

The star revealed she used “candles and crystals” to meet Sean (Credit: ITV)

Samantha added: “You can’t do anything bad because it just comes back on yourself three fold.”

Back in April the actress gave an insight into her magic practices as she revealed a very novel location technique she used to find her missing cat.

Samantha left a trail of her own urine in the streets around her house to bring the ginger pet back home.

Sounds crazy right? But it appeared to have worked because her furry friend returned home after nine days.

The soap star took to her Twitter to reveal cat Bob had gone missing.

She wrote: “My beloved has gone missing again – my ginger boy bob. He’s epileptic and can get very disorientated please think him home soon. Thank u x.”

After there was still no sign of him a few days later Samantha decided her flyers and positive thoughts weren’t enough to bring him back to her.

She decided to take more extreme measures and looked to her own practice of Wicca for help.

Samantha told how someone on social media had advised her that cats follow the smell of urine back home, so she decided to put her own diluted urine down the street using dowsing rods.

She also told her followers how she had hung his bed on the line and emptied vacuum contents all around the streets and in her garden for him to follow.

The actress said: “Still no sign of my bobby – losing hope now. Just praying someone will spot him.

“I’m very unhopeful that he will find his own way home as he will be scared and he’s not all there mentally bless him. I’ve hung his bed on…

“…the line and some clothes of mine and emptied hoover contents all round the streets and in our garden. I think we need a miracle.”

Miraculously, Bob returned home after nine days away, and Samantha was delighted he’d come back.

Samantha expressed her relief to have Bob home. She tweeted: “Look who’s home!!!! I cannot believe it. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts xxx.”

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Speaking about his disappearance, Samantha told The Sun: “I cried every night while he was gone. [Cats] are like a member of your family.

“I was told by a woman from a lost cat Facebook page that you can empty the hoover bag down your path and cats can pick up the scent.

“She also told me that if you use diluted urine and do a trail around the streets with that, it can help cats pick up the smell of their home. You’d do anything, wouldn’t you, to get them back?

“Then my friend came with her dowsing rods and we tried to find where he might be.

“It was bonkers.”