FIRST LOOK: Next week’s Emmerdale in 10 pics

Time is running out for Lachlan

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The walls are closing in on Lachlan as kids from the village stumble across the shack he has got Rebecca locked up in, Sarah faces a life or death operation, and Beth is back and causing more trouble…

Monday 6 August

Bob apologises to Laurel for lying about losing his job at the cafe and there’s clearly some tension between them. Can a camping trip with Nicola, Jimmy and their kids defuse the situation?

Rishi is desperate to keep seeing Manpreet and pleads with Jai to go on one more date with Aiesha, but will things go to plan?

Chas and Paddy are surprised when Faith goes over the top with a party. But later in the week Chas has some surprising news for Paddy.

Tuesday 7 August

Angelica, Carl, Heath, Cathy, Arthur and April are all enjoying their camping trip until they hear strange noises coming from a cabin in the woods.

Little do they know it is Rebecca who has been locked up by Lachlan. When the serial killer gets wind of the kids going to investigate the cabin, will be manage to get to Rebecca before they do?

Wednesday 8 August

Amelia manages to track Beth down but is left upset when she doesn’t want anything to do with her. But soon Beth is back in the village and causing all sorts of trouble.

Matty is thrilled when David gives him a job in the shop, but he’s annoyed when he misinterprets Victoria and David’s flirty banter the next day, oblivious to where Victoria’s heart really lies.

Thursday 9 August

There’s shock for Sarah when one of her friends in the hospital suddenly collapses. Will he be okay?

Friday 10 August

Debbie gets the life-changing news that there is a heart available for Sarah, but as she is taken off to theatre, Debbie can’t help but fear the worst for her daughter.

When Frank rejects her, Megan pulls out all the stops to win back his attention. Will her makeover work?