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Sunday 29th March 2020

Edwina Currie shocks GMB hosts as half-dressed man is spotted in her living room

Edwina Currie was in hysterics this morning as a man accidentally gatecrashed her Good Morning Britain interview in his dressing gown.

Hosts Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard were in stitches after spotting the half-dressed man in her living room live on national television.

Many took to social media to speculate on who the former politician's companion was.

Edwina Currie shocked Good Morning Britain fans (Credit: ITV)

Edwina Currie joined the UK's most popular morning show to discuss her new show Celebrity Pilgrimage.

Adrian Giles also appeared via a separate video link.

Her interview was cut short as a man wandered into her living room -wearing only a dressing gown!

Clearly unaware he was now live on Good Morning Britain, Edwina burst into a fit of giggles.

Those watching at home were curious about this gatecrashing stranger.

With many pondering if he was on a "walk of shame" and others calling Edwina a "minx".

The man in question is Edwina Currie's husband (Credit: ITV)

One said: "Was the guy behind Edwina Currie doing the walk of shame? #GMB

Another added: "Edwina Curry looking guilty as charged #GMB #goodmorningbritain @GMB"

Moments later one said: "Thought that was her little side dish getting caught red handed  little minx lol #GMB

A final user joked:"Bloke coming down the stairs looking disheveled in Edwina Currie's house hope it's her husband #GMB."

Edwina later revealed he was in fact her husband John Jones.

The pair have been married since 2001.

Kate Garraway tried to continue the interview but John still remained lurking in the background causing the host to ask:

"What is going on? Why is he there Edwina you better explain this?"

The former politician answered cheerily: " I don't think he understands what skype is."

Kate continued: "Does he think it is a telephone call and he is  strangely invisible?"

Ben Shepherd tried to get a handle of the situation: "Shall we go to Adrian while we give your friend a chance to scurry away?"

He later apologized to her husband for "exposing him".

The TV blooper provided some light relief during a programme focused heavily on the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Good Morning Britain is on ITV, weekdays at 6am.

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