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Educating Greater Manchester: Mr Povey hailed an ‘inspiration’ after final episode

The headteacher was suspended from the school after filming

Educating Greater Manchester star Drew Povey was praised by viewers last night as the Channel 4 series came to an end.

The programme, filmed at Harrop Fold School in Little Hulton, Salford, concluded on Tuesday (November 17) evening.

Educating Greater Manchester concluded on Channel 4 last night (Credit: Channel 4)

What happened in the final episode of Educating Greater Manchester?

During last night’s episode of the Channel 4 show, the pressure was on for the students at Harrop as they prepared to sit their exams.

One of the students, Year 11 Rebecca, came to Mr Povey and said she was experiencing stress, including panic attacks.

Educating Greater Manchester star Rebecca spoke about experiencing panic attacks (Credit: Channel 4)

Mr Povey reassured her, saying: “We all have that little voice of self-doubt inside us, so what you’re experiencing is absolutely normal. You do not see the brilliant the talent that were are all seeing.

“I know at your age that what you have achieved, it is absolutely phenomenal.

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“I’m going to help you with this and we’re going to beat this… that door is always open.”

Later in the programme, it offered viewers information on the school’s decision to suspend Mr Povey.

Viewers loved how Educating Greater Manchester headteacher Mr Povey spoke to the pupils (Credit: Channel 4)

Why was Educating Greater Manchester’s Mr Povey suspended?

A voiceover explained: “State schools are being accused of gaming the system by excluding thousands of poorly performing students. They call this process off-rolling.

“An investigation found that almost 13,000 teenagers didn’t have results recorded in school league tables last year, despite appearing on the attendance roll for that school a year earlier.”

Mr Povey said: “I’ve been suspended, pending an investigation.”

Authorities had accused the school of off-rolling.

I have to say, watching Drew Povey lights a fire in my belly… he truly is an inspirational head teacher.

The person behind the camera asked, “Did it happen?” and Mr Povey admitted: “[It did]. Two, maybe three students for this year. We absolutely made a mistake and we never ever shy away from that and I take full responsibility.”

The school also suspended three other members of staff.

Protests followed Mr Povey’s suspension (Credit: Channel 4)

Protests calling for Mr Povey’s return to Harrop

Parents protested as they wanted Mr Povey back. One called for bosses to reinstate him, adding: “He’s a wonder for my child.”

Head Girl Melody defended Mr Povey too, as she said: “It just shows that everyone makes mistakes.”

The show went on to explain that, following his suspension, Mr Povey resigned in September 2018.

He said on the programme: “It’s been a big decision to make, it feels like a really sad time in my life to say goodbye to something you love so much.

“I never thought it would end like this.”

The end of Educating Greater Manchester explained why Mr Povey resigned (Credit: Channel 4)

How did Channel 4 viewers reacting to Mr Povey’s suspension and resignation?

On Twitter as the last episode aired, viewers heaped praise on “inspirational” Mr Povey and slammed the “travesty” decision to suspend him.

One viewer said: “I have to say, watching @drewpovey on #educatinggreatermanchester lights a fire in my belly every week. He truly is an inspirational headteacher.”

A second tweeted: “How do I nominate @drewpovey for an MBE?”

A third put: “Watching #EducatingGreaterManchester, @drewpovey is the best headmaster I’ve ever come across, they were mental ever letting him go!”

Drew Povey replied, saying: “So very kind. We didn’t always get it right, but we cared and tried our absolute best!”

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A fourth viewer said: “#educatinggreatermanchester @drewpovey just watched the latest episode. I still hold my view that you were a great headteacher and you should still be in education. You made a difference.”

“@drewpovey shocked you aren’t at Harrop anymore,” said a fifth. “It’s obvious the kids all thought the world of you and you were a great headteacher. It’s a shame you’ve left education #educatinggreatermanchester.”

Someone else called the suspension an “absolute travesty”. They added: “So many children’s lives turned around due to your hard work and ethics and that of your colleagues. The world has gone mad!”

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