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Eat Well For Less: Viewers ‘annoyed’ over mum Clare who won’t cook

She left it all to husband James

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Eat Well For Less? viewers hit out at a mum on the BBC programme who criticised her husband’s cooking – despite refusing to prepare meals for the family herself.

During Thursday (October 29) evening’s episode of the series, hosted by Gregg Wallace and Chris Bavin, viewers were introduced to surveyors James and Clare.

On Eat Well For Less, Clare said she hated cooking, leaving it all to husband James (Credit: BBC)

What happened on Eat Well for Less?

The pair, who had been married for 30 years, explained at the beginning of the episode that James does all of the cooking.

“I have no idea [why],” he admitted. “It’s just what’s happened.”

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Clare, who said she doesn’t cook, said: “It’s not working out well, is it.”

They had two daughters, teenager Rachel and her younger sister Sadie, who was the one who contacted the show.

When chatting with hosts Gregg and Chris, Clare took aim at James’ dinners.

Clare criticised James’ cooking for not including enough vegetables (Credit: BBC)

Gregg asked James why he sorted all the meals on his own and the dad said bluntly: “Because I’m the one who can be bothered to cook.”

Sometimes I have to remind you to put something like broccoli or peas on the plate.

Clare protested: “I’m very grateful that you cook, but sometimes I have to remind you to put something like broccoli or peas on the plate for us all.”

Greg then asked her: “Do you cook, Clare?”

Gregg Wallace and his co-host Chris Bavin tried to help the family shop smarter (Credit: BBC)

And she told him she had lost interest.

“I’ve lost all interest, really, in cooking,” she said, adding: “I want to change things.”

Clare said she wanted to change her attitude towards cooking (Credit: BBC)

What did Eat Well for Less viewers say about mum Clare?

On Twitter, viewers said they thought Clare’s attitude “stank”.

One said: “This mum is whiny… her attitude to what her husband cooked stank. If she didn’t like it, she should have gotten into the kitchen and cooked.”

Another tweeted: “The mum was boiling my [bleep].”

A third put: “Mum is already annoying me 10 mins in… lazy… If you aren’t happy what your downtrodden husband is cooking then do it yourself. It’s not rocket-science love.”

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Someone else who also called the mum “lazy” said on Twitter: “Wow, that was painful to watch.”

A fifth wrote: “#EatWellForLess so… is mum going to do any cooking herself?”

“#eatwellforless let’s face it…” said a sixth. “The girls don’t need encouragement… their mum needs a wake up call, grow up and be a role model!”

ED! contacted the show for comment.

At the end of the episode, it revealed the family made a huge saving on their shopping.

At the start they were spending around £315 on their weekly shop, but they managed to cut it down by £140 a week, which is more than £7,000 over a year.

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