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Easties fans in disbelief over out-of-blue marriage proposal!

A Happy Ever After in Walford?!

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It’s been a week of horrific shocks for the Kasemi clan.

Following Monday’s gas explosion, Kush collapsed, suffering a heart attack, after an argument (another!) with Denise.

On being rushed to hospital, he was stunned to be told that he has a congenital heart condition – and he needed emergency surgery.

But the biggest surprise of all came as Kush was waiting to be wheeled off to theatre.

Denise needed to get something off her chest (Credit: BBC)

Clearly terrified at the prospect of losing him, icy knickers Denise decided to open her heart. And boy did she really go for it.

“I would be so lost without you. You’re my soulmate,” she revealed.

Soulmates! Aaah… (Credit: BBC)

Kush assured his girlfriend that he would see her in “an hour or so”, but Diane was evidently rattled and berated herself for holding back her feelings for so long.

As her boyfriend was wheeled off, Denise shouted: “What am I waiting for? I’ve wasted so much time already!

“I love you. Will you marry me?”

Denise pops the question (Credit: BBC)

Kush – who has always worn his heart on his sleeve and has been besotted with Denise since they first got together, said yes.

The man from the market – he say YES! (Credit: BBC)

Viewers were thrilled with the unexpected proposal.

One told Twitter: “Well that was one way to ask someone to marry you.. #EastEnders.”

Another shared: “Wow did Denise really just propose #EastEnders.”

A third said: #EastEnders Woahhhh Denise asked him to marry her…”

Our anxiety has already set in though – Denise given a Happy Ever After? She could teach a degree course in misery.

And this IS EastEnders we’re talking about…

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