EastEnders viewers stunned as Walford legend legs it

An unexpected departure…

She’s been an EastEnders stalwart since 1985.

So naturally viewers were left absolutely gobsmacked when Dot Cotton – aka June Brown – announced on Thursday night’s episode that she was leaving Walford.

Heartbroken fans watched in shock as a weary-sounding Dot told Robbie Jackson (Dean Gaffney) that she was fed up with all the drama around her.

Well, who blames her, right?

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Handing Robbie her beloved cat Dave, she told him: “I’m wore out Robbie. What with all that’s gone on in the Square…”

Dot continued: “Ian losing his son and his business, and Lauren heartbroken, and then me here with my fractured femur, Son with that man, and Rebecca and all those troubles.

“I just want to get away!”

She told a stunned Robbie she was off to Wales to stay with granddaughter Dotty’s family and recover from her injury away from the drama-laden Albert Square.

“I shall be able to walk on the firm sands and do my physio, get better and breathe some lovely clean sea air,” she said.

As Robbie pleaded with her to give him a time frame, she simply said: “I’m sure you and Dave will take care of each other.”

Naturally, fans were horrified at the thought of Dot leaving them and took to social media in droves to express their shock at her casually announcing an exit.

Some even wondered if Dot’s abrupt departure was leading up to a heartbreaking announcement…

Meanwhile, a string of other viewers were pretty furious about the fact Dot fought so hard to keep Dave only to then hand him off to Robbie will she took a break.

Other fans, meanwhile, simply told Dot to deserve her well-earned break at the seaside.

Thankfully, it seems like Dot isn’t gone for good and will be reunited with Dave very soon.

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A source assured RadioTimes: “Dot returns very soon. June Brown is back in no time at all.”

Sadly for Dot, we doubt the drama in Albert Square will ever disappear, though…

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