EastEnders: Viewers more upset by shock exit than two dying characters!

They're dropping like flies in Walford

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EastEnders super-villain, James Willmott-Brown, was finally served his just desserts last night – 30 years after he brutally raped Kathy Beale in his bar, The Dagmar.

The creepy rapist appeared to die alone in hospital, following a shock heart attack at his Weyland & Co. offices as he desperately tried to get rid of incriminating paperwork after daughter, Fi, shopped him to the cops.

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Earlier, following some intense conversations with Kathy, Fi decided she believed Kathy’s version of events from that fateful night back in the 80s.

But when she told her dad, he reacted by taking her pass from her and throwing her out of the offices, revealing his true colours to her.

She was also sickened to discover that her Uncle Hugo had known all along about JWB’s conviction for rape and pressured him into handing back the businesses Weyland had tricked their way into.

Fi offered the Carters the chance to buy the leasehold of the Queen Vic back – but with a £150k price-tag it would mean Mick taking part in Aidan Maguire’s job.

Watch this space…

The reformed bad girl then handed the deeds of the cafe over to Kathy, in a poignant scene.

Fi also said goodbye to former flame, Max Branning, before heading to the hospital to let her dying dad know she was well and truly done with him.

She told his carers that the company would cover the costs for his private healthcare.

“Are you the daughter?” a nurse asked before Fi shook her head and said she was no relation to Willmott-Brown.

James was then left alone in his hospital room – with none of his three children there to hold his hand during his seemingly final moments. Shame.

The scenes spelled the end of the long-running storyline that saw JWB attempt to take over the whole of Albert Square alongside a vengeful Max.

With JWB dying and Fi bringing Hugo, Weyland & co. down from the inside, it looks as if the story has come to a very definite end.

The only ends left loose are Luke Browning, who was last seen being bundled into a white van by Phil Mitchell’s henchmen following his brutal attack on Phil’s son, Ben.

And will youngest son, Josh Hemmings, make it to Glasgow with Lauren who’s currently in hospital following her horror fall from the Queen Vic’s roof?

EastEnders fans rejoiced after the first episode of last night’s dramatic double bill, when Kathy finally stood up to her attacker.

Willmott-Brown was seen to surprise Kathy at the cafe with flowers and revealed how he had plans to leave her his entire fortune in his will, once his incurable cancer had taken its toll.

Viewers then gasped as the creepy man admitted he was lonely and told Kathy: “There was only ever one person I wanted to share it with.”

Age-old fans of the show will remember how Willmott-Brown pinned Kathy down and raped her in scenes that shocked viewers back in the 80s.

And it appeared that, 30 years later, he was still intent on getting what he wanted.

After trying to smooth talk her into being with him he suggested: “I could pay you.”

But Kathy ignored his advances and instead grabbed hold of his testicles tightly.

Twitter users couldn’t believe their eyes and applauded Kathy for her ‘ballsy’ actions.

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We’re sure she’ll be delighted to hear that she’ll never have to carry out her threat.

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