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EastEnders viewers in hysterics over funeral scene

As the Taylor family hold a moving memorial service, viewers end up in tears of LAUGHTER over one detail

It was an emotional night for the Taylor family on last night’s EastEnders, as they held a funeral for the baby Bernadette had lost.

And viewers were feeling the emotions with them and were moved by the scenes – until one bizarre thing, which then left everyone LAUGHING.

The Taylors gather to say goodbye (Credit: BBC)

Schoolgirl Bernadette had a miscarriage and lost her baby girl at just 18 weeks. And mum Karen had visited the hospital to take over all the arrangements for her.

But Bernadette was left grieving and angry, feeling like she never got to say goodbye to her baby, and Karen didn’t know what to do to put it right.

Bernadette’s heartbreak (Credit: BBC)

So following some advice from Shirley of all people, she decided the whole family should hold a memorial service in the park.

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Things got off to a bumpy start, as Callum – the father of the baby – turned up in the park and as everyone realised why he was there, Keegan attacked him.

Everyone says a few words (Credit: BBC)

But then things moved on to the more solemn occasion, and the family plus Callum all gathered around a small hole in the ground where they were going to bury a shoebox with some mementoes.

They all wrote messages and put in photographs and a teddy bear, and as they spoke about the little girl the tears began to flow.

Karen thinks about her granddaughter (Credit: BBC)

Karen – with her bra straps hanging down, as always – made an emotional speech about her granddaughter, describing how much she would have loved her.

“She’s gone to heaven, the stars,” Karen said. “But wherever she is, she’ll always be here in our hearts – as much a part of this family…”

And mum Bernadette sobbed as she revealed: “Belle. We were going to call her Belle.”

Karen comforts Bernie (Credit: BBC)

And it was then, as Karen asked the kids if they remembered what they used to sing when they were little, that the mood changed quite a bit.

She broke out into a rendition of ‘Flowers’ – a garage anthem by the group Sweet Female Attitude.

A pretty whiny feeble version, to be honest. And she just repeated the same couple of lines from the chorus again and again, with Keanu joining in.

It might have been heartfelt, but it soon had viewers open-mouthed in disbelief and then in tears of LAUGHTER.

Fans were on Twitter, hardly unable to believe what they were watching, but knowing it wasn’t the effect that would have been intended.

One tweeted: “A lovely scene in Eastenders totally ruined by them singing garage anthem ‘I’ll bring you flowers’ at a funeral. Now I’m DYING!”

Another added: “Serious moment… almost in tears and then they burst into flowers… my mum is givin me evils right now for laughin.”

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And a third said: “I’m sure I’m not the only one, but I really couldn’t keep a serious face whilst they were singing ‘flowers’ at the “funeral” #eastenders hav lost it.”

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